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  1. Losmandy - G11 Standard Equatorial Mount w/ Folding HD Tripod


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    The Losmandy - G-11 SFT is a motorized, digital drive equatorial mount with a 60 pound load capacity. Includes counterweight shaft, one 21 pound weight, digital drive system and folding HD tripod.
  2. Losmandy - G11GT Modular Equatorial Mount with FHD Tripod

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    Losmandy has taken their popular equatorial mounts and has made them modular. This mount package includes the Losmandy Titan RA Axis and the Losmandy G11 Dec Axis for a combined load capacity of 75 pounds with a reduced mount weight of 62 pounds when compared to the original Titan. The split mount head makes this large mount easier to handle, transport and set up and with a tucked in motors, it has as tighter, more compact form than it's predecessors. Includes FHD tripod with MA adapter, 1 21lb. counterweight and Gemini 2 GoTo System.
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  3. Losmandy - G11 Standard Equatorial Mount - No Tripod

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    Losmandy - G11 SLT Equatorial Head, Digital Drive, Weight Shaft, and 21 Ib. weight

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Losmandy, also known as Hollywood General Machining, has earned quite a reputation throughout the astronomical community for providing high-quality, precisely-machined German Equatorial mounts, dovetail plates, mounting rings, counterweight and piggyback systems, and other nicely done metal telescope accessories.

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