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  1. Losmandy - Leg Clamp Levers


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    Out of stock

  2. Losmandy - EX8 Tripod Extension 8" for LW and HD Tripods

    SKU: LOS-EX8

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  3. Losmandy - Extra 5.0 Weight

    SKU: LOS-5.0BW

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    This is an additional 5 pound counterweight by Losmandy, for balancing heavier loads on fork mounted Celestron and Meade Schmidt-Cassegrains. It threads onto the Losmandy #WS8, #WS9, #WS1011, and #WS12 counterweight systems, all of which come standard with one 2 pound weight.
  4. Losmandy - 160mm DVR Series Guide Ring Set

    SKU: LOS-DVR160

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Losmandy 160mm (6.3") I.D. rings with three point adjustment,  Delrin tips.  
    Wt. 3.5 lbs. per set, 2 rings per set, dovetail mounted, no tools needed. I.D. size from 4.7" to 6.3", Ht. from top of dovetail plate to center of rings 4.0

  5. Losmandy - Main Gear Thrust Bearing R.A. DEC. GM8 G9


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  6. Losmandy - 108mm Three Ring Guide Scope System

    SKU: LOS-DVR-108/66

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    The Losmandy DVR108/66 Three Ring Guide Scope Setup. Two Rings to hold the Guide Scope and one Ring to stabilize the camera/guider.

  7. Losmandy - DC14 - Dovetail Plate Celestron 14 "

    SKU: LOS-DC14

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Losmandy D series dovetail plate for Celestron 14" telescopes, bolts to existing holes. Wt. 3.75 lbs. Length 23.75" HS 23.00, Ht. top of tube to top of dovetail plate 1.20"
  8. Losmandy - Gemini Servo Motor Gearbox only


    In stock

    Gemini Servo Motor Gearbox only
  9. Losmandy - R.A. and DEC. setting Circle Set for G8

    SKU: LOS-SC8

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    R.A. and DEC. setting Circle Set for G8
  10. Losmandy - DM14 Dovetail Plate for Meade 14 "

    SKU: LOS-DM14

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Losmandy D series dovetail plate for Meade 14" telescopes.
  11. Losmandy - Garmin GPS for Gemini 2 System


    In stock

    The Losmandy Garmin GPS for Gemini 2 GoTo Systems will accurately provide longitude, latitude, time and date for improved accuracy in pointing and tracking plus better precision in polar aligning. Set up is simple!
  12. Losmandy - Saddle Plate Knob


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    Replacement Saddle Plate Knob

  13. Losmandy - Universal D Series Dovetail Plate 14 " Long


    In stock

    Losmandy D series universal dovetail plate can be used with a wide variety of brands and telescope sizes or paired with guide rings or other dovetail shoe mounted accessories. Engraved scales on the edge for perfect adjustments every time. Wt. 2.6 lbs., Length 13.5", thickness 0.5", two 0.250 wide slots w/ c'bore x 5.0" long
  14. Losmandy - Clutch Pads for G11 Mount

    SKU: LOS-CP11

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Losmandy clutch pads create better grip for your mount making it easier to tighten and maintain position of the mount head. Made of durable silicon and easily installed on your mount, the clutch pads have been included with mounts made in 2015 and later and are for retrofitting on older mounts or for replacement on newer mounts.
  15. Losmandy - Worm Bearing Blocks


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    Losmandy worm bearing blocks, set of 2
  16. Losmandy - Meade Tripod/Pier Adapter for GM-8 & G-11


    In stock

    FHD / Meade field tripod adapter 6.0" diameter, 4.0" high. Inside machined to fit G-11 and GM 8 mounts. Tube has 1/2" thick bottom with 1/2" hole in center, posts for the electronics are mounted on the side. Also used on top of permanent piers.

  17. Losmandy - Digital Drive Board for G11

    SKU: LOS-DDB11

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Losmandy replacement digital drive board for G11 mount.
  18. Losmandy - Universal Vixen Style Dovetail Plate - 11" Length

    SKU: LOS-VUP11

    Ships in 3-5 Days

  19. Losmandy - 12" Beam for StarLapse

    Regular Price: $35.00

    You Pay: $30.00


    In stock

    The Losmandy StarLapse Camera Tracking - 12" Beam was designed to work with the Losmandy StarLapse Camera Tracking System. All machined aluminum and stainless steel, black anodized.

  20. Losmandy - Dovetail Plate Safety Knob


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Losmandy dovetail Plate Safety Knob, Set of 2
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Losmandy, also known as Hollywood General Machining, has earned quite a reputation throughout the astronomical community for providing high-quality, precisely-machined German Equatorial mounts, dovetail plates, mounting rings, counterweight and piggyback systems, and other nicely done metal telescope accessories.

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