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  1. JMI - NGC-microMAX Complete Installation

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    Includes NGC-microMAX with instructional video, cable, encoders, nec. gears/pulleys, mounting hardware and a free computer mounting bracket
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  2. JMI - Large-Wheel Upgrade - CASECPC8


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    Large-Wheel Upgrade - CASECPC8Comments:Add large 10" all-terrain pneumatic wheels to CASECPC8 carrying case (either at the time of purchase or as an after-market upgrade)
  3. JMI - P-B Camera Mount for ETX-125


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    P-B Camera Mount for ETX-125Comments:Meade ETX-125EC/125PE. Uses a rubber coated strap to piggyback the camera on the optical tube. Includes a balancing counterweight
  4. JMI - HEAVY-DUTY Medium Size Universal


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  5. JMI - 16" Mirror Set


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    BK7 is a barium borosilicate optical glass known for its high transmission and clean, clear appearance.  It is by far the most common material for many optical glass applications, because it offers good optical properties and a reasonable price.

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  6. JMI - Chrome Mount Upgrade


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    Upgrade the TT-6 mount from silver-vein powder-coated-epoxy finish on aluminum to chrome-plated aluminum.

  7. JMI - Model mini3 Newtonian Focuser without Motor

    SKU: JMI-NGF-mini3

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  8. JMI - SCT Threaded Output Adapter- 1.25 "


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    Standard SCT threaded output for inserting into a 1.25″ drawtube
  9. JMI - MOTOFOCUS Focus Motor for Meade LX200GPS


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Meade LX90GPS 8" / 10" / 12", LX200GPS 8" / 10" / 12" / 14" / (16" ?), LX200R 8" / 10" / 12" / 14" (16" ?)

    NOTE The MOTOFOCUS for the Meade LX200GPS includes a JMI hand unit since the Meade Microfocuser plugs into the base unit.

  10. JMI - Digital Focus Counter for Celestron SCTs


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  11. JMI - Crating (Required for Shipping)


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    Crating (Required for Shipping)Comments:
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  12. JMI - MOTOFOCUS for Vixen Refractors


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    Vixen Terrestrial 60S, Sky Scope (D) 60L
  13. JMI - MicroFocus for Celestron CGE 1400


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    MicroFocus is a push-on two-speed manual focus mechanism that attaches to the shaft of an SCT focuser knob (or the knob itself) for precise focusing.

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  14. JMI - SCT Threaded Output Adapter-3"


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Large format SCT threaded output for inserting into a 3" drawtube. (Standard accessory with an NGF-XTc(M) focuser
  15. JMI - Standard Body EV Telescope Focuser Part


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  16. JMI - Add a Tow Handle to any Universal-Style Wheeley Bars. (The Motor Upgrade includes the Tow Handle.)


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Add a Tow Handle to any Universal-Style Wheeley Bars.


    The tow handle is compatible with all Medium and Large Size Universal-Style Wheeley Bars. It is shown here attached to a Wheeley Bar unit. The 10" Pneumatic Large Wheel Upgrade (above) includes the Tow Handle.

  17. JMI - Wheeley Bars for Meade 16 " Lightbridge


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    Meade LightBridge 16"; Other Adaptable to Dobsonians with 28" to 32" Diameter Ground BoardCustomized model with four large 10" all-terrain pneumatic wheels and a tow handle
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  18. JMI - SCT Visual Back Adapter


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Adapter for mounting an NGF-S, NGF-SE or NGF-miniS focuser on an SCT with standard 2″ diameter threads. An optional light shield blocks all stray light that may penetrate the focuser bearing cavity
  19. JMI - MotoFocus Focus Motor for William Optics Crayford Focusers (1)


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    MotoFocus Focus Mot...
  20. JMI - Digital Read Out for NGF-CM, NGF-55SM, NGF-55DM Focusers


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    DRO Encoder Assembly for JMI NGF FocuserDigital Read Out for NGF-CM, NGF-55SM, NGF-55DM Focusers This is the portion of a DRO system that attaches to the NGF focuser (Specify the NGF focuser model)
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JMI Telescopes (Jim's Mobile, Inc.) is a world-renowned manufacturer of astronomical telescopes and after-market accessories for the amateur and professional astronomer.  We produce a variety of unique products that cannot be found anywhere else.  The founder and President of Jim's Mobile is Jim Burr.

Jim's philosophy is to create products that no others are selling.  "Our style is not to copy other companies, but to create unique products to solve problems.  If other companies are building good products, we are not going to compete with them.  We only take action when we see a need that no one is addressing.  In the case of our NGF focusers, even though there were many companies building focusers, we could find nothing that came close to zero image shift.  I thought the time had come to solve that problem."

"The development of the NGT line of telescopes, spanning more than a decade, has been very exciting for us here at JMI.  These telescopes represent a total departure from trends in commercial telescope making, and there is no doubt they have a bright future.  Our telescopes have received recognition in more than a dozen publications worldwide."