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iNova is by M42 Optic which was established in 2005 and has become one of the leading manufacturers of cameras designed for specific usage in Astronomy in Europe in the last few years. M42 Optic has designed a comprehensive range of cameras renowned for being innovative and high quality for their iNova brand capable of:

  • Planetary imaging
  • Lunar imaging
  • Solar imaging
  • DeepSky imaging
  • Visual enhancement
  • Autoguiding

The cameras and PLxCapture software are designed in house by iNova to exploit their full potential. This enables them to guarantee a fast and efficient support for hardware and software. iNova is constantly looking to innovate further. iNova has developed a feature called Visual Enhancement, which performs image processing in real time and lets the user discover nice images of faint objects, without being a specialist. iNova has developed a cooling system that enhances performance for DeepSky imaging and Visual enhancement functionality.

Visit iNova on the web