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With today's advanced telescopes and low-cost, high-quality imagers, everyone interested in Astronomy can produce breath taking Astronomical images using Fisch Image Lab software. Image Capture Sophisticated, easy to use CCD/CMOS imager controller Automatic stacking and rotation that allows imaging with telescopes in Alt-Az configuration Telescope guiding in either Alt-Az or Equatorial modes Separate control of Main Imager and Guider Filter wheel support (on selected imagers) Automatic Bias Frame, Dark Frame and Flat Field processing while the image is being captured. Images automatically added into a SQL Database for easy cataloging and searching Image Processing High-precision, floating point image processing 32-bit Monochrome 96-bit Color.
Image Prescaler to quickly and accurately fit full-range images into the limited range of computer monitors All image processing functions work with either RGB or Monochrome images Convolution filters: Average, Gaussian Blur, Sharpen, Edge-enhance, and many others Additive, Average and Median Combine merge features RGB Merge with Luminance and color only function. Simple image registration facility built into the Merge and RGB Merge functions Digital Development Processing Unlimited Undo/Redo And many other features.
About Fisch Image Lab Fisch Image Lab was conceived and written by Greg Fisch. Over the past 20 years, Greg has developed a number of sophisticated software projects ranging from six-legged walking robots to CT Scanners. Many projects were involved directly with Astronomy or Space research. One of Greg's best known projects was a program called Epoch 2000. This program was one of the early Desktop Observatory programs. It featured a high-accuracy starmap, telescope control and image processing all in one program! The software was eventually purchased in 1995 by Meade Intruments Corporation. Meade is still supplying a version of the software with their telescopes and imagers.