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  1. DGM Optics - 2" Narrow Pass Band (NPB) Nebula Filter

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    The NPB is the ONE filter to have if you have just one, and now regarded as the top narrowband  (UHC type) filter in the world. Judged by renown astro-equipment author Phil Harrington as the best of nine leading competitors in the Astronomy Magazine review "Secret Weapons" (August 2005).

  2. DGM Optics - 2" VHT Filter

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    The VHT is "mid-band" Nebula/LPR filter that is the perfect match for smaller scopes, or binoculars that can use filters. This filter provides a good balance between the NPB and GCE with regards to contrast vs. field background and star brightness.

  3. DGM Optics - 2" CGE Filter

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    The GCE takes a different approach to Wideband LPR filters by employing a "Notch" design which excludes all the bad stuff, from 540 - 590 nm, while allowing the rest of the visible spectrum to transmit over 90%.

  4. DGM Optics - 2" HPOIII Filter


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    The DGM Optics HPOIII is your perfect compliment to the NPB when you need a more aggressive Nebula filter that really shines with larger scopes. This filter has a bandwidth of approx.

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