Dans Pier Top Plates

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Dan's Pier Top Plates add a finished appearance to the top of an 8" or 12" concrete telescope pier without making it look utilitarian and homemade. Using an innovative modular design provides the ability to migrate to different mounts while providing adjustability, durability and good looks that match your telescope.

They are compatible with Celestron® and Meade® SCT telescopes as well as others that use the same tripod hole pattern. They are also compatible with many GEM mounts such as the Astro Physics® AP-900 & 1200 mount, Losmandy® GM-8/G-11 mount, Celestron CGE, CG5 and Orion Sirius and Atlas.

A concrete pier built using a Sonotube® provides the most stable platform possible for this class of telescope and is economical and easy to build.