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  1. Celestron - AstroMaster 70EQ 70mm Refractor Telescope

    Regular Price: $169.95

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    SKU: CEL-21062

    In stock

    The Celestron AstroMaster 70EQ Refractor is a 70mm optical tube with an f/13 focal ratio, making it excellent for small field of view basic planetary observing.

  2. Celestron - 10x25 Binoculars with Digital Compass

    SKU: CEL-72122

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    More than just a binocular. This compact roof prism binocular has a large 1.6” LCD screen that displays the multiple functions of this binocular. Functions include digital compass, clock, temperature and stop watch. Includes a soft case and CR2032 battery.

  3. Celestron - 32mm Omni Eyepiece - 1.25"

    SKU: CEL-93323

    In stock

    The 32mm low power Omni eyepiece is a 4 -element premium symmetrical Plössl optical design.

  4. Celestron - Stereo Bino Viewer Binocular Viewer (Binoviewer)

    SKU: CEL-93691

    In stock

    The Stereo Binocular Viewer allows you to adapt two eyepieces to your telescope and view with both eyes simultaneously.

    The Stereo Binocular Viewer requires you use two eyepieces of equal focal lengths and optical design.

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  5. Celestron - Smartphone Adapter for X-CEL LX to iPhone 6 PLUS

    SKU: CEL-93696

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    It's never been easier to capture high-quality images through your telescope! The Celestron Smartphone Adapter is custom-fit to Celestron’s X-Cel LX eyepieces and your iPhone 6+
  6. Celestron - Silver Base Cover for CPC

    SKU: CEL-PS-DB-15

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    SILVER BASE COVER, AZM Base cover for the CPC series only

    This a genuine Celestron part.  Please note that this item cannot be returned due to uncertain factors in DIY product repair and as such Woodland Hills and Celestron are not responsible for any damage caused by repairs or attempted repairs performed at home. Be sure of the steps, before you start.  Contact Celestron technical support at 310-803-5955.

  7. Celestron - 8" EdgeHD with CGEM II Mount (CGEMII)

    Regular Price: $2,649.00

    You Pay: $2,399.00

    Celestron CGEM Sale ends April 30, 2018!
    SKU: CEL-12017

    In Stock

    Celestron's 8" EdgeHD meets the updated and more ergonomically designed CGEM II mount. The EdgeHD optical system takes all of the compact power popularized by the SCT and combines it with an improved high definition optical system for wide field, astrograph quality images.

    Celestron CGEM Sale ends April 30, 2018!
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  8. Celestron - CABLE 10-inch F/ GPS WITH LOCSENSE for CPC Series Telescopes

    SKU: CEL-NXW260

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    CABLE 10-inch F/ GPS WITH LOCSENSE for CPC Series Telescopes

  9. Celestron - Latitude ajustment knob compatible only for the CGEPro series

    SKU: CEL-CGE2-B01-17

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

  10. Celestron - C6-R Advanced Optical Tube Assembly

    SKU: CEL-21019-1

    In stock

    A major benefit of refractor based telescopes are that they have no mirror obstruction since they use primarily lenses, meaning contrast is very sharp when viewing with these optical designs which is one reason they're the preferred optical tube for planetary observing. Celestron's 6" Refractor is great for observing planets or other objects with high surface brightness at high magnification, but also excel at brighter deep sky imaging when using CCD cameras like the Celestron Nightscape.

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  11. Celestron - NexImage 5 Solar System Imager (5MP)

    SKU: CEL-93711

    In stock

    Capture high resolution 5MP planetary, lunar and solar images. Combined with the included software package, NexImage 5MP can bring out tremendous detail and produce images that will rival those taken with astronomical cameras costing hundreds more.

  12. Celestron - 10x50 Cavalry Binocular

    Regular Price: $99.95

    You Pay: $89.95

    SKU: CEL-71424

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The rugged Cavalry Series is an outdoor binocular designed for hunters, boaters, law enforcement, and military personnel.

  13. Celestron - UpClose G2 8x40 Porro Binocular (Clam Shell)

    SKU: CEL-71253

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    • High quality binoculars at an affordable / economical price
    • Multi-coated optics increase light transmission resulting in brighter and sharper images with high contrast levels
    • Stylish rubber covered aluminum body protects from rough handling
    • Egronomic thumb indents and finger ridges for extra non-slip comfort and ease of use
    • Water resistant
    • Soft carrying case
    • Binocular straps
  14. Celestron - 10mm Ultima Duo Eyepiece - 1.25"

    SKU: CEL-93442

    In stock

    Enjoy impressive views with a wide 68-degree apparent field of view. Celestron’s fully multi-coated optics increase light

  15. Celestron - Digital LCD & Camera Microscope Accessory

    SKU: CEL-44430

    In stock

    This innovative microscope accessory allows you to view specimens or objects on the LCD screen which provides comfortable viewing for individuals and small groups. The digital camera allows you to take snapshots or video.

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  16. Celestron - Omni XLT AZ 114mm Newtonian Telescope

    SKU: CEL-22151

    In stock

    The Celestron Omni XLT AZ 114mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope combines the excellent tracking capabilities of the Omni Altazimuth mount with the fabulous optics of Newtonian optical tube with Celestron's state of the art XLT optical coatings.

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  17. Celestron - CoursePro Elite (White)

    SKU: CEL-44877

    In stock

    CoursePro is a line of GPS devices that assist golfers on the golf course. They provide information on an LCD screen about downloaded golf courses that are stored in their memory

  18. Celestron - StarSense AutoAlign for SkyWatcher Mounts

    SKU: CEL-94006

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Control you SkyWatcher mount and AutoAlign with Celestron's StarSense AutoAlign accessory for SkyWatcher mounts. Includes everything you need to start using right away.
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  19. Celestron - I/O Board (PC and AG)


    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

  20. Celestron - StarSense AutoAlign for Celestron Mounts

    SKU: CEL-94005

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The revolutionary technology in the award-winning SkyProdigy telescope is now available for almost every Celestron computerized telescope.

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Order Celestron telescopes, Celestron mounts, Celestron sports optics and Celestron accessories from Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes.  Celestron offers a huge selection of astronomy products and outdoor gadgets like GPS trackers and weather stations.  Their wide range of telescopes offer choices from simple beginner instruments like the AstroMaster telescopes to advanced imaging mounts like the Celestron CGX. Need help choosing? Call or chat with us! Our staff is happy to help you choose the best telescope, mount, eyepieces, camera or accessories to fit your needs. 

Celestron, is a leading designer, manufacturer and importer of high-quality optical products including computerized and non-computerized telescopes and related accessories, binoculars, spotting scopes and microscopes. Since manufacturing its first telescope in 1960, Celestron has grown to become one of the world's leading telescope makers, and enjoys brand-name recognition among serious amateur astronomers for superior optics, outstanding design, and innovative technology. Celestron's innovative products continue to receive numerous industry and consumer media accolades, adding to an already impressive list that includes awards for product innovation from Reader's Digest, Popular Science, PC Magazine, Popular Mechanics, the Consumer Electronics Association and more.  Celestron is a privately held company with corporate offices and manufacturing facilities, in Torrance, CA.