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  1. Celestron - Laboratory Biological Microscope

    SKU: CEL-44100

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The monocular head adjusts from 0° to 45° for comfortable viewing.

  2. Celestron - NexStar 5SE 5" Schmidt-Cassegrain Computerized Telescope

    SKU: CEL-11036

    In stock

    Featuring high-quality Schmidt-Cassegrain optics, the Celestron NexStar 5SE is an ideal telescope for observing and photographing the wonders of space

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  3. Celestron - 25mm X-Cel Eyepiece - 1.25"

    SKU: CEL-93393

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The 25mm medium power X-Cel eyepiece is a 6-element fully multi-coated optical design, the X-Cel utilizes extra low dispersion (ED) glass on its most highly curved surfaces, to minimize chromatic aberration that can hinder sharp planetary views
  4. Celestron - Counterweight, Extra 2.5 Ib (for #94191, #94192, #94196)

    SKU: CEL-94193

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Once the Bar Assembly is in place, counterweights can be attached to it and moved along its length, as well as perpendicular to it, for better dynamic balancing. Each Counterweight Bar Assembly comes with mounting hardware and one 2.5 lb. weight.

  5. Celestron - Ultima 100 45° Spotting Scope

    SKU: CEL-52252

    In stock

    The largest aperture scope in the Ultima line, the 100mm Ultima offers more than 50% brighter images than the 80mm, allowing for better performance in low light conditions.

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  6. Celestron - Microscope Digital Kit

    SKU: CEL-44320

    In stock

    This multi-purpose microscope can be used as a traditional microscope with powers up to 600x or attach the digital camera to view on your computer.

  7. Celestron - Cover Ra Right Plate

    SKU: CEL-EQM501

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

  8. Celestron - Powertank 7 amp hour

    Regular Price: $69.95

    You Pay: $63.95

    SKU: CEL-18774

    In stock

    Celestron Powertank 7 Amp Hour.

  9. Celestron - VSP - Vibration Suppression Pad

    SKU: CEL-93503

    In stock

    Telescope and spotting scope vibration is caused by windy conditions, an unsteady mount or tripod or even an accidental bump to the instrument, and results in reduced image quality.

  10. Celestron - Case (Hard Standard/NexStar 5)

    SKU: CEL-302080

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The NexStar 5 standard case is made of sturdy and rugged ABS plastic. Each case is completely filled with "pluck" type foam for individualized custom fitting to support and protect your Celestron telescope.

  11. Celestron - National Park Foundation Explorascope 60 AZ Refractor Telescope

    SKU: CEL-22105

    In stock

    Take your explorations to the next level with the special edition National Park Foundation ExploraScope 60AZ refractor telescope from Celestron.

  12. Celestron - CGEM Alignment Pin


    In stock

    CGEM Alignment pin

  13. Celestron - Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD Telescope *

    Regular Price: $2,099.00

    You Pay: $1,889.00

    AVX Sale ends March 31, 2018!
    SKU: CEL-12031

    In Stock

    The Celestron Advanced VX 8” EdgeHD is the ultimate entry-level astroimaging package. This package combines the versatile, lightweight and travel friendly Advanced VX EQ mount with Celestron’s best optics, the EdgeHD optical system which deliver edge to edge sharpness. Amazing deep sky imaging results on a budget.

    AVX Sale ends March 31, 2018!
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  14. Celestron - Explorascope 60AZ Telescope

    SKU: CEL-22100

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

  15. Celestron - WindGuide Plus Anemometer (Yellow)

    SKU: CEL-48025

    In stock

    Obtain live wind and temperature readings with WindGuide anemometers.

  16. Celestron - Motor Assy - ALT/DEC For the NexStar 4/5Se series only

    SKU: CEL-NEX-4-F00-1B

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

  17. Celestron - 9mm X-Cel LX Eyepiece - 1.25"

    SKU: CEL-93423

    In stock

    Wide field of view enhances views of the night sky through a single lens

  18. Celestron - Echelon 16x70 Binoculars

    Regular Price: $849.95

    You Pay: $549.98

    SKU: CEL-71452

    In stock

    Not all binoculars are created equal, especially when they are expected to perform well in low light conditions. Observations during twilight and at night require larger optics to collect as much light as possible, but big lenses alone are not enough to ensure a superior viewing experience. It also takes quality glass and rugged construction to keep your binoculars safe and working well for years to come.

    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  19. Celestron - 28 Piece 100x/600x/1200x Biological Microscope Kit

    SKU: CEL-44120

    In stock

    Conduct dozens of your own experiments with the 28 Piece Microscope Kit from Celestron. Includes a metal bodied microscope with 3 objective lenses (100x, 600x, and 1200x).

  20. Celestron - 20-60x 60mm 45° Zoom Refractor Spotting Scope

    SKU: CEL-52223

    In stock

    The 60 mm Waterproof UpClose Spotting Scope is a good choice for bird watching, nature or wildlife observation, hunting and enjoying scenic views.

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Order Celestron telescopes, Celestron mounts, Celestron sports optics and Celestron accessories from Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes.  Celestron offers a huge selection of astronomy products and outdoor gadgets like GPS trackers and weather stations.  Their wide range of telescopes offer choices from simple beginner instruments like the AstroMaster telescopes to advanced imaging mounts like the Celestron CGX. Need help choosing? Call or chat with us! Our staff is happy to help you choose the best telescope, mount, eyepieces, camera or accessories to fit your needs. 

Celestron, is a leading designer, manufacturer and importer of high-quality optical products including computerized and non-computerized telescopes and related accessories, binoculars, spotting scopes and microscopes. Since manufacturing its first telescope in 1960, Celestron has grown to become one of the world's leading telescope makers, and enjoys brand-name recognition among serious amateur astronomers for superior optics, outstanding design, and innovative technology. Celestron's innovative products continue to receive numerous industry and consumer media accolades, adding to an already impressive list that includes awards for product innovation from Reader's Digest, Popular Science, PC Magazine, Popular Mechanics, the Consumer Electronics Association and more.  Celestron is a privately held company with corporate offices and manufacturing facilities, in Torrance, CA.