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  1. Celestron - CGX Tripod and Counterweights

    SKU: CEL-93484

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    Call for pricing.
  • Celestron - Counterweight Extra (11# for CG-5 Mount)

    SKU: CEL-94186

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    Using accessories such as cameras, Lens Shades, Tele-Extenders and the 2" Diagonal will affect the balance of your Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Counterweights restore proper balance, increasing ease in handling and improved tracking accuracy.

  • Celestron - Counterweight, Extra 2.5 Ib (for #94191, #94192, #94196)

    SKU: CEL-94193

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    Once the Bar Assembly is in place, counterweights can be attached to it and moved along its length, as well as perpendicular to it, for better dynamic balancing. Each Counterweight Bar Assembly comes with mounting hardware and one 2.5 lb. weight.

  • Celestron - 17lb Counter Weight for CGEM Mount

    SKU: CEL-94189

    In stock

    17lb Counter Weight for the CGEM Mount

  • Celestron - Counterweight, 22 lbs for CGE Pro

    SKU: CEL-94187

    In stock

    This 22lb Counterweight Accessory is designed for CGE Pro Series Computerized Telescopes or CGE Pro EdgeHD Series Computerized Telescopes

  • Celestron - CGEM Counterweight 11lbs

    SKU: CEL-94203

    In stock

    This 11lb Counterweight Accessory is designed for CGEM Series Computerized Telescopes or CGEM EdgeHD Series Computerized Telescopes.

  • Celestron - Counterweight Bar for 9.25" CGEM Telescopes

    SKU: CEL-CEQ6-B03-24

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    CGEM C9.25 Counter Weight Bar compatible only for the CGEM series

  • Celestron - 12 lb Advanced VX Counterweight

    SKU: CEL-94286

    In stock

    If you are loading extra equipment on your Celestron Advanced VX Equatorial Mount, you may need additional counterweights.

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    Order Celestron telescopes, Celestron mounts, Celestron sports optics and Celestron accessories from Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes.  Celestron offers a huge selection of astronomy products and outdoor gadgets like GPS trackers and weather stations.  Their wide range of telescopes offer choices from simple beginner instruments like the AstroMaster telescopes to advanced imaging mounts like the Celestron CGX. Need help choosing? Call or chat with us! Our staff is happy to help you choose the best telescope, mount, eyepieces, camera or accessories to fit your needs. 

    Celestron, is a leading designer, manufacturer and importer of high-quality optical products including computerized and non-computerized telescopes and related accessories, binoculars, spotting scopes and microscopes. Since manufacturing its first telescope in 1960, Celestron has grown to become one of the world's leading telescope makers, and enjoys brand-name recognition among serious amateur astronomers for superior optics, outstanding design, and innovative technology. Celestron's innovative products continue to receive numerous industry and consumer media accolades, adding to an already impressive list that includes awards for product innovation from Reader's Digest, Popular Science, PC Magazine, Popular Mechanics, the Consumer Electronics Association and more.  Celestron is a privately held company with corporate offices and manufacturing facilities, in Torrance, CA.