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  1. Berlebach - Hydra Observer's chair

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    • Smaller version of NIX
    • Fully adjustable height from 
    • 10 to 80 cm
    • Easily folded
    • Weight: 4 kg
    • Packaged size: 0.45 x 0.8 m
    • Maximum load 120 kg
    • Weight: 4,00 kg = 8,82 lb.
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  2. Berlebach - Tripod PLANET for Celestron CGEM (max. height 136 cm) with accessory Tray 37 cm and Spreader

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    Our most stable wooden tripod, featuring large wood cross-sections and newly designed clamping elements, delivers a high load capacity and excellent stability with minimum vibration transmission. The ultra-flat design of the new tripod head with 105 mm leg joints guarantees maximum torsional stiffness. Delivery with Spread Stopper and Tray.

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  3. Berlebach - Deposit Tray Size 37x37x37cm

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    Practical tray for small items, fits between the tripod legs to provide extra stability. A set of tripod leg brackets is also required for tray attachement purposes.

  4. Berlebach - Tripod UNI 18 for EQ6

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    Our well-proven UNI tripods for astronomers are excellent working tools and great value for money.

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  5. Berlebach - PLANET Tripod for Losmandy G11/8 with Wooden Tray and Spreader

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    Berlebach's most stable wooden tripod.

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  6. Berlebach - 2" Visual Back

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    Berlebach 2" Visual Back accessory for telescopes.

  7. Berlebach - REPORT Telescope Mount Tripod

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    The Berlebach REPORT telescope mount tripod is a solid wood tripod with fully adjustable legs with a height range of 3 inches (without optional accessory tray) and 53 inches. Includes a spring loaded 1/4" mounting bolt.
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Berlebach ® Made in Germany since 1898

When the ore deposits were exhausted, the wood of the forests of the so called "Erzgebirge" became the most important raw material. Formatively, it influenced the region and guaranteed the people's living. The "Erzgebirge" is famous for its traditional art of woodcarving, toys and sports equipment in the whole world. The products and the history of the company Berlebach are also part of this successful trend.  

Berlebach ® StativtechnikIn 1898 the merchant Peter Otto Berlebach founded the now oldest tripod factory in Germany, situated not far away from the Saxon art and university town Dresden. It is even the only factory in the world which ever since has continuously been working at the development and the production of wooden tripods, as far as we know. Almost from the beginning Berlebach delivered its wooden tripods and other photo accessories abroad too. A fact which is verified in the "Hamburg Export-Handbuch" from 1906. Above all England was the most important exporting country.  


In 1918 the founder of the company, Otto Berlebach, retired and sold his business to three former employees of the camera factory Ernemann in Dresden. The new owners - Dittmar, Biskaborn and Heisinger, experienced specialists in the wood, metalworking and commercial sectors, brought in their large experiences in the field of photography. For many decades the firm was kept in private hands. Then in1972 it was nationalised and was run as the state owned company "Foto-Kino-Zubehör" (Photo-Cinema-Equipment). In those days the company manufactured the whole range of tripods including travel tripods of light weight as well as heavy tripods used in studios. This was for the entire GDR as well as for all the other countries of the Eastern bloc. In 1990 the factory was put under the surveillance of the Trust Institution. The transfer of old GDR-companies into private ownership presented the unique chance of a new beginning for Germany's "ancient" tripod factory in Mulda to continue in its well-tried, successful and traditional way. However, before achieving that goal, three long years of never-ending negotiations passed until the trust administration agreed to the transfer into private ownership literally at the very last minute. Wolfgang Fleischer - one of the company's executives since 1962 and today's owner of the company Berlebach - succeeded in protecting the enterprise from going bankrupt. He bought the ground, the production plants, and the name Berlebach from the Trust Institution.  Our company iscertified accordingto DIN EN ISO9001.   

In July 1993 the production of the solid ash wood tripods started again. Essential investigations were made because a competitive production was only possible with new machines for wood- and metalworking. In 1994 the now privatised company Berlebach-Stativtechnik appeared on the international world-wide exhibition "photokina" for the first time and presented its latest range of newly developed and improved ash wood tripods. Much interest was shown in the Berlebach products and since then the world-wide export has been increasing continuously. Today they are delivered to more than 40 countries. 

Holzstative von Berlebeach - Eine echte Alternative!