Baader Planetarium

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Baader Planetarium was founded in Germany over 35 years ago, and the Baader family has been involved in producing astronomical instruments for over 100 years. Baader Planetarium products really do bring a level of ingenuity, quality, and detail that is unique in this hobby.

Quality German engineering and manufacturing is apparent in everything Baader Planetarium makes, including their Orthoscopic Eyepieces, Scopos and Hyperion Eyepieces . Baader Planetarium also produces a full line of Astronomy Filters (including color, H-Alpha, UHC, UV-IR Cut, IR Pass, Moon, Fringe-Killer, Contrast Booster, and Polarization filters), Pentax adapters, solar film and more. Everywhere you look you will find small details that not only add to the fit and finish of the parts, but increase that part's function as well.