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  1. Baader - C-Mount Adapter with 1.25" Nosepiece


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    Baader C-NOSE C Mount Adapter with 1 1/4" Nose piece 28mm filter holder

  2. Baader - T2-16 2" T-2 Nosepiece for CC and DSLR Cameras

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    Baader T2-16 2" T-2 Nosepiece for CC & DSLR Cameras 2408150

  3. Baader - 2" Nosepiece with SCT Male Thread

    SKU: BAA-T2-19

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    This nosepiece/adapter has a standard SCT male thread (2"x24 TPI) to connect to the Baader diagonal body or any other SCT female threaded item on one side.

  4. Baader - 2" to 1.25" ClickLock Reducer (Eyepiece Adapter)

    SKU: BAA-T2-15B

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    Baader T2-15B ClickLock Reducer 2956214

  5. Baader - 2" Filter Holder M48 / SP54


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    With this product you can adapt Baader's 2" Astro Filters onto practically any DSLR camera lens for widefield astrophotography.

  6. Baader - Winged Eyecup 1


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    Winged Rubber Eyecup 1, fits eyepieces with barrel sizes of  approximate diameter 31 - 32.5mm.

  7. Baader - Winged Eyecup 2


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    Winged Rubber Eyecup 2, fits eyepieces with barrel sizes of  approximate diameter 33.5 - 34mm.

  8. Baader - Winged Eyecup 4


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    Eyecup 4 is for dia 40.5-41.5mm barrels.

  9. Baader - Winged Eyeshield for Hyperion Eyepieces


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    The Baader Winged Eye Shield for Hyperion eyepieces is an optional accessory for your Hyperion eyepieces.

  10. Baader - SCT Lockring for 2" Maxbright Diagonal


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    The Baader 2" Maxbright Diagonal can be attached to your SCT telescope in a semi-permanent fashion.

  11. Baader - OPFA System


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    An alternative to our Micro Stage 6030, Our Baader Planetarium OPFA System provides a unique and adaptable system for projection imaging (OPFA = Ocular Projection and Focal Adapter).

  12. Baader - 3" Losmandy Riderclamp/60mm for Stronghold Tangent Assy - incl. Screws


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    This 60mm Rider Clamp allows you to mount the Baader Stronghold Tangent Assembly on a 3" rail. The package includes the screws and metal thumbscrews. Tangent Assembly not included.

  13. Baader - T-2 Quick Changer

    SKU: BAA-T2-06

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    The T-2 Quick Changer incorporates machined internal dovetail lips, and a large nickel plated brass knurled thumbscrew for securely clamping the T-2 Change Rings (#07).

  14. Baader - Deluxe Short Adapter

    SKU: BAA-T2-21

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    These short T-2 threaded adapters enable you to couple all of the T-threaded components of the ASTRO T-2 System™ to your popular SCT while using a minimum of valuable back-focus distance.

  15. Baader - VariLock T-2 Variable Extension Tube 20-29mm

    SKU: BAA-T2-25Y

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Baader's New VariLock T-2 Extension Tubes give you complete adjustability to enable you to exactly set or vary the spacing between T-2 components.

  16. Baader - T-2 Extension Tube (7.5mm Long)

    SKU: BAA-T2-25C

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    T-2 Extension Tubes enable you to securely set or vary the spacing between T-2 components.

  17. Baader - T2 Precision Nose Piece 1.25"

    SKU: BAA-T2-14

    In stock

    The nosepiece outside diameters are precisely machined and finished to provide a secure fit with a minimum of slop or decentering.

  18. Baader - f/2 Highspeed-Filter H-Alpha 2" (with LPFC)


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    Baader's New f/2 Highspeed Narrowband Filters and Filtersets (1¼" and 2", H-alpha / O-III / S-II) are designed especially for the delicate requirements of extremely fast astrograph optics, such as Hyperstar, RASA, and ultra-fast instruments from TEC/AP/ASA/etc.

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  19. Baader - Enforced 3.5nm H-Alpha Filter, 50.4mm Round


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    Baader's New 3.5nm Narrowband Enforced H-alpha Filters  These three sizes of 3.5nm Enforced-Narrowband filters upen up the extremely narrow 3.5nm H-alpha world.

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Baader Planetarium was founded in Germany over 35 years ago, and the Baader family has been involved in producing astronomical instruments for over 100 years. Baader Planetarium products really do bring a level of ingenuity, quality, and detail that is unique in this hobby.

Quality German engineering and manufacturing is apparent in everything Baader Planetarium makes, including their Orthoscopic Eyepieces, Scopos and Hyperion Eyepieces . Baader Planetarium also produces a full line of Astronomy Filters (including color, H-Alpha, UHC, UV-IR Cut, IR Pass, Moon, Fringe-Killer, Contrast Booster, and Polarization filters), Pentax adapters, solar film and more. Everywhere you look you will find small details that not only add to the fit and finish of the parts, but increase that part's function as well.