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  1. ATIK - Off Axis Guider (OAG)

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    As a complement to the EFW2 filter wheel, we have developed an  Off_Axis Guider, which features just about everything needed to  successfully use this kind of guiding system.

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  2. ATIK - Universal AC Power Supply

    SKU: ATK0026

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    The Atik Universal AC Power Supply plugs directly into your Atik equipment and includes the US outlet arrangement plate to convert your power cord to any existing outlet.

  3. Atik - Off Axis Guider Camera Adapter

    SKU: ATK0099

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The ATIK Off Axis Guider Camera Adapter makes it possible to install cameras without an EFW2 filter wheel on your Off Axis Guider.

  4. Atik - EFW2 50mm Carousel - 5 Positions

    SKU: ATK0080

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    This is a 50 mm size Carousel only, for an Atik Electronic Filter Wheel. The Filter Wheel assembly is NOT included.

  5. Atik - M54 to M42 T-Thread M-F Adapter

    SKU: ATK0091

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The ATIK M54 to M42 T-Thread type Male to Female Adapter is a low profile adapter enabling the EFW2 Filter Wheel to accept Male T-threads. This adapter only adds 1.3 mm to the optical path length.

  6. Atik - EFW2 2" Carousel - 5 Positions

    SKU: ATK0075

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Atik Electronic Filter Wheel 2" Carousel is designed for 2" round, mounted filters and has 5 positions.

  7. Atik - T4 Compatible Autoguider Cable (2 m)

    SKU: ATK0027

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The Atik ST-4 Compatible Autoguider Cable works with the ST-4 system. This cable is 2 meters in length and helps you connect your Atik Autoguider to your astroimaging system.

  8. Atik - EFW2 36mm Carousel - 7 Positions

    SKU: ATK0079

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Atik Electronic Filter Wheel 36 mm Carousel is designed for 36 mm round, mounted filters and has 7 positions.

  9. Atik - M54 Camera Adapter

    SKU: ATK0081

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    This Atik product is an adapter ring, in M54 size, for digital or CCD cameras.

  10. Atik - EFW2 1.25" Carousel - 9 Positions

    SKU: ATK0074

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Atik Electronic Filter Wheel 1.25" Carousel is designed for 1.25" round, mounted filters and has 9 positions.

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Atik's mission is to open the exciting world of astro-photography to everyone. Steve Chambers and Rui Tripa launched the business eight years ago following their own frustrating search for astronomical imaging equipment. The type of camera they wanted was simply not available in a realistic price range - so they set out to design it themselves.

From small beginnings, our company has grown rapidly. Atik's cameras are now sold across Europe, USA and Canada, as well as Australia, Japan and Malaysia.

Our aim is to make the world of astronomical imaging accessible for stargazers and enthusiasts, so that this exceptional form of photography can be more widely enjoyed.

We have continuously developed and refined a range of robust and reliable equipment to deliver superior performance in an extremely specialised and demanding field.

We have successfully met the challenge of reducing background 'noise' that can otherwise cause graininess in images over the long exposure times necessary for astro-imaging.

Our cameras enable enthusiasts to achieve greater sensitivity and longer exposure times - resulting in better image quality.

Atik has also developed highly-acclaimed software that is included with our cameras. This software is compatible with all cameras in the Atik range, making it easy to upgrade. Regular software updates mean that you can enjoy new features and functions as our technology evolves.

Atik is based in the city of Norwich, in England, where our cameras are designed and developed. Most of the equipment is made in our dedicated factory in Lisbon, Portugal. Our support service is UK-based.

We have worked closely with astronomy forums to develop products that genuinely improve the experience of stargazing. We listen to our customers - and we want to help you gain as much enjoyment as possible from your interest in astronomy.