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  1. AstroTrac - Tripod Head No Counterweight System - TH3010 - DISCONTINUED

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    The Astro Trac Head has no counterweight system TH3010 gives you everything you need to smoothly track with your TT320X-AG tracker includes the TH3010 head, 

    The counter weight System is an optional accessory.

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  2. AstroTrac - Tracking Mount with Auto-Guiding - TT320X-AG

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    The ultra portable TT320X-AG weighs only 1 kg (2.2 lb). Despite its minimal weight, the TT320X-AG can easily carry 15 kg (33 lb) of cameras, lenses and telescopes. And you don't need to worry about lumping large power supplies with you either. The TT320X-AG draws minimal power, so you get around 10 hours tracking from a set of 8 AA cells.

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  3. AstroTrac - Portable Pier Wedge - TW3100

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    The stylish Astrotrac TW3100 sets a new standard for high strength compact equatorial wedges. Carrying up to fifteen times its own weight, with the TW3100 you can now realize the full potential of your TT320X with larger lenses and telescope

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  4. AstroTrac - Illuminated Polar Scope - PS-10

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    The AstroTrac PS01 polar scope eases the alignment procedure needed for accurate tracking on the TT320 Mount. The high quality etched and illuminated reticle can be used to align on Polaris for northern skies and Alpha Eridani and for southern hemisphere observers two additional stars in Octans.

  5. AstroTrac - Berlebach Head Deal


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    The Berlebach head has a 3/8" threaded hole in it's base and screws straight onto the AstrotracTT320X-AG. It also has an integral Vixen style dovetail clamp (formerly this had to be purchased separately) and an integral Takahashi style clamp with 2x M6 screw holes spaced 35 mm.

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  6. AstroTrac - 360 Precision Tracking Mount

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    The AstroTrac 360 is a high precision and ultra portable tracking equatorial mount. Weighing just 11 pounds, the 360 is capable of carrying 22 pounds in equipment weight with ease. Advanced friction gears, and Renishaw optical encoders provide smooth, reliable performance with zero backlash. Smart features like a battery-less polar scope, WiFi ready control, ST-4 port, and semi modular design make the AstroTrac 360 the perfect mount for astrophotographers in need of high performance without the bulk of traditional EQ mounts.
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AstroTrac serves a broad audience of photographers, astrophotographers and visual observers, with our unique TT320X mount and DSLR imaging expertise.

Well known AstroTrac owners include: Nik Szymanek, Robert Reeves, Don Goldman, Mike Unsold and Sebastian Voltmer.

Our success is well documented, not only in the paragraphs that follow, but in esteemed publications.