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  1. AstroTrac - Portable Pier - TP3065

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    The elegant Astrotrac Portable Pier TP3065 is the ultimate in portable piers created specifically for astrophotographers on the move.Rigid yet lightweight, the TP3065 provides the ideal platform for your AstroTrac tracking mount and wedge yet remains excellently portable at 13 pounds.
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  2. AstroTrac - Tracking Mount with Auto-Guiding - TT320X-AG

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    The ultra portable TT320X-AG weighs only 1 kg (2.2 lb). Despite its minimal weight, the TT320X-AG can easily carry 15 kg (33 lb) of cameras, lenses and telescopes. And you don't need to worry about lumping large power supplies with you either. The TT320X-AG draws minimal power, so you get around 10 hours tracking from a set of 8 AA cells.

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AstroTrac serves a broad audience of photographers, astrophotographers and visual observers, with our unique TT320X mount and DSLR imaging expertise.

Well known AstroTrac owners include: Nik Szymanek, Robert Reeves, Don Goldman, Mike Unsold and Sebastian Voltmer.

Our success is well documented, not only in the paragraphs that follow, but in esteemed publications.