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  1. Astronomik - Planet IR Pro 742 Filter - 31mm Round Unmounted

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    advantage is that the sky background of advanced dawn is dark and so the filter even allows photography of the planets and the moon at daylight.
  2. Astronomik - Pro Planet 742 IR Filter - 2" Round Mounted

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    The Astronomik ProPlanet 742 cuts off the visible part of the spectrum and allows the light of wavelengths longer then 742nm to pass. Due to ....
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Astronomik is very proud to manufacture and sell the most superior and innovative optical filter products for astronomy in the world and to be distinguished by Sky & Telescope magazine with their highly coveted S&T Hot Product 2009 award. Astronomik filters are used worldwide by leading professionals and amateurs on instruments of all sizes. Our customers appreciate their uncompromising pursuit and dedication to never-ending improvements which meet and surpass the most stringent standards.

As a testament to Astronomik's high quality standards, each production step is carefully controlled for all of their filters, documented and assigned a serial number. When you own an Astronomik Filter you needn't worry if good glass was used, or that the coating process worked well, or the threads were machined properly. You can be sure that each filter was manufactured with the utmost care, control, and the Golden Seal of "Astronomik Quality Control" was placed on the outer box after the filter was packed!

Astronomik CCD and visual interference filters are produced in Germany using high-quality manufacturing standards and mathematical precision. The coatings on all of these filters, including Oxygen III (OIII), H-Beta, H-Alpha, UHC, SII, IR-Cutoff, CLS, and RGB, are amazingly durable. They are almost impossible to scratch, and are completely sealed and insensitive to moisture. Because of these outstanding characteristics, Astronomik confidently offers a 10-year warranty on all of their filters.