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Like many successful ventures, Astrodon can trace its roots to one individual’s desire to fill a void in the marketplace. Astrophotography hobbyist Don Goldman wanted to capture some of the night sky’s most beautiful offerings in vivid color but was frustrated by the limitations of the RGB filters available in the early 2000s. Goldman became driven to simplify the imaging process so he set out to create high performing, color-balanced RGB filters that would eliminate extra steps in an already meticulous process. In 2003, he began manufacturing his signature LRGB filter design and Astrodon was born. Since then, Astrodon has expanded its offerings to include narrowband filters, research-grade photometric filters and off-axis guiding hardware to enhance the CCD astro-imaging experience. Now a leader in the premium astrophotography filter market, the company’s unwavering commitment to quality is reflected both in its choices — like the use of 100 percent hard-oxide sputtered coatings — and its increasing use at professional facilities like the famous Palomar Observatory.