ASA (Astrosysteme Austria)

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Astrosysteme Austria sees its task in making the latest technologies of astrophotography available and affordable for the amateur. Uncompromising quality levels and suitability for the practical use are the centre of our attention. Hence, in the course of the last two years the basis of a product line was developed which claims the name reference class.

Astrophotography has experienced an unheard of quantum leap by the digital age of CCD-technology. These CCD-cameras as well as the new digital reflex cameras and also the versatile possibilities of picture processing make completely new demands on optics and mechanics. 

Astrosysteme Austria has made it its objective to render exactly these components, optical devices, fully automatic mountings and tracking systems, applicable for the latest requirements in astrophotography. We are especially proud of our Astrographs with fast focal ratio and their wide corrected fields as well as the new mounts with direct drive.