Lunt Solar Systems - 130mm Modular Solar & Night Sky Telescope

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  • The Lunt THA130 is a 130mm triplet refractor designed to a be a true modular telescope capable of solar and night sky astronomy for both visual and imaging use. 

  • Choose from 12mm, 18mm and 34mm blocking filter base configurations depending on whether your main use will be visual or imaging. 

  • Add a double stacking etalon for additional detail resolution. 

  • Add the backplate and focuser option for night sky use. 

  • Calcium K module available.

Manufactured by:
Lunt Solar Systems

Product Description

The Lunt 130mm solar telescope is more than just a dedicated h-alpha telescope, it is a completely modular telescope designed to be the ultimate optical astronomy system.   A truly convertible telescope, the LS130THA is a triplet refractor that can be used for both daytime and nighttime viewing and imaging.   With a simple change of the telescopes rear module, you can use a variety of configurations with one telescope include Calcium K, visual night sky astronomy, daytime solar H-alpha viewing or imaging or night sky imaging. 

Lunt THA130 base specifications: 

Type: Single Interference Etalon Tuning: Doppler True Tuning Aperture: 130mm
Objective: APO Triplet
Focal Length: 910mm
F Ratio: F/7
Bandpass: ~.75A @ 656nm
Bandpass if Double Stacked (DSII): ~.45A @ 656nm Focuser: Starlight FeatherTouch
Mounting: Mounting rings and dovetail Diagonal: B1200, B1800 or B3400 Weight: 25lbs

Options Available for the Lunt THA130:

Choosing your base model depends on your priority in use.  There are 12mm, 18mm and 34mm blocking filters available.  If your main expected use is visual, a 12mm blocking filter is your best option as the reduced light allows your eye to read the Sun without being too bright.  An 18mm blocking filter is best for users that intend to do light imaging work but still want a visual H-Alpha telescope.  34mm blocking filters allow for maximum safe light transmission but are designed strictly for imaging and should not be used for visual.  Additional blocking filters can be purchased as well for additional versatility. 

Double stacking allows for additional detail resolution and refined viewing and imaging of the Sun.  

Additional Modules: 

 - Calcium K - Calcium K modules will display a blue/violet image of the Sun and highlight an entirely different set of details particularly on the surface of the Sun.  

 - Backing plate and focuser only - the THA130 is a high quality 5.12 inch triplet refractor and by adding this backing plate and focuser only module, the scope is ready for night sky imaging and observing. 

 - White Light module - another option for solar observing, white light filtering is great for watching eclipses, transits and studying sunspots. 


Name Lunt Solar Systems - 130mm Modular Solar & Night Sky Telescope
Manufacturer Lunt Solar Systems
Model LUN-LS130THA


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