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Lunt - Internal Double-Stack Module w/ Pressure Tuning for LS152THa


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Manufactured by: Lunt Solar Systems



Just in time for Summer, LUNT SOLAR SYSTEMS has announced the new DSII-LS152T Internal Double-Stack Module with True Doppler Pressure Tuning for their awesome LS152THa solar telescope!  Double-stacking provides a truly enhanced, high definition view of the Sun’s surface details. It lowers the bandpass of the system from <0.7 Angstroms to <0.5 Angstroms, which really makes the surface appear and image as if in true 3D due to increased clarity and contrast.

The LS152THa can be internally double-stacked at the time of purchase or anytime thereafter.  The LS152THa does NOT need to be returned to the factory for double-stacking as long as the scope to be double-stacked has the RED anodized front cell on the telescope.  If you have an older model (just a WHITE tube with NO RED) it will need to be upgraded before installing the internal double-stack module DSII-LS152T.  Should this be the case, simply contact Woodland Hills Telescopes @ TelescopeS.net for information and assistance.

    Note:  Lunt LS152THa Telescope pictured above sold separately.


Additional Information

Name Lunt - Internal Double-Stack Module w/ Pressure Tuning for LS152THa
Manufacturer Lunt Solar Systems
Manufacturer Part No DSII/LS152THa