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Lunt - Double Stack Module for LS100THa


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Manufactured by: Lunt Solar Systems


The new DSII eliminates the need for an external front mounted filter for double stacking. Double stacking provides a truly enhanced, high definition view of the Sun’s surface details.  It lowers the bandpass of the system from <0.7 Angstroms to <0.5 Angstroms, which produces startlingly sharp images.

In this system both Etalons are internally installed in the telescope. Both Etalons are equipped with Lunts' True Doppler Pressure Tuning system eliminating optical obstructions. The system then is 100% un-obstructed.  The DSII module can be easily "field" installed on all LS100THa telescopes. 

All Lunt LS100THa series solar scopes can be internally double-stacked at the time of purchase or in the future.   The LS100THa does not need to be returned to the factory for double-stacking as long as you have the red anodized front cell on your telescope.  If you have an older model (just a white tube with no red) you will need to upgrade the scope before using the internal double stack DSII/LS100T. 

  • This Lunt 80mm Internal Double Stack Module is strictly for use with a Lunt LS80THa H-alpha Telescope.
  • Uses a Lunt Solar System Pressure Tuner for True Doppler Tuning.
  • The Lunt 80mm Internal Double Stack Module lowers Bandpass to <0.5 Angstroms.

* BLOCKING FILTERS are REQUIRED on all Lunt solar system telescopes *
Lunt Solar Systems currently offers 4 blocking filter apertures for use with our Etalon systems. The Blocking Filter houses additional filters which are required for the safety and performance of the solar package.  Lunt Solar blocking filters contain a unique filter system. Lunt will only warranty safety or performance when a Lunt blocking filter is paired with a Lunt H-alpha filter or telescope.






Product Series

Introducing the LS100 Hydrogen-alpha system..... Although Lunt is in the final stages of patenting the large filter design. Lunt Solar does have pricing and projected delivery times. The LS75, LS100, and LS160 all have a unique design feature which allows for a more stable filter that is also less prone to de-contacting. (more information as is becomes available).

 System includes the B600 standard for use on telescopes up to 600mm focal length. *Blocking filter required. Because the LS100 has an estimated bandpass of <0.75 Angstroms it is capable to providing high contrast views of both surface and edge detail. Adding an additional etalon system will reduce the bandpass to ~<0.55 (dependant upon scope) allowing for higher resolution viewing and/or imaging. This filter can also be added to the LS100T/Ha Telescope. Specifications: • Aperture: 100mm • Focal Length: Customer Supplied Scope • Band Pass: <0.75 Angstroms RMS • Color: Pearl White with Black Anodize System Includes: • LS100 Ha Filter. • B600 Blocking Filter (Other sized available by request) • Re-enforced case with foam.

Additional Information

Name Lunt - Double Stack Module for LS100THa
Manufacturer Lunt Solar Systems
Manufacturer Part No DSII/LS100THA
Bandwidth Reduces Bandwidth from <.075Å to <0.5Å
Pressure Tuning Internal Double Stack Module for LS100THa