Lunt - 60mm H-Alpha Etalon for Double-Stacking on the LS-60

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Use the double-stack technique to reduce bandpass and get the best

Manufactured by:
Lunt Solar Systems

Product Description


Use the double-stack technique to reduce bandpass and get the best possible resolution and contrast from your Lunt Solar System telescope. The Lunt 60mm H-alpha Etalon 60mm aperture filter will reduce the bandpass of a Lunt LS-60 solar system (not included) to <0.5 angstroms - dependent slightly on the telescope.
Lunt Solar Systems creates their line of h-alpha solar telescopes and h-apha accessories in Tuscon, Arizona. They have have put together a group of experienced solar enthusiasts who are looking forward to energizing the hobby with a continued commitment to advancing technologies, pride in quality, and the highest level of customer care.

Customer NoteThis 60mm Filter cannot be used alone for solar viewing or imaging. It only works when attached to an existing Lunt LS60 Solar System, and theproper blocking filter is used. Blocking filter is not included.                                                                                                   


Required Blocking Filter:  

  • B600 for standard visual use 
  • B1200 for larger field of view and imaging applications (upgrade)
  • B1800 for larger field of view and imaging applications (upgrade)
  • B3400 for larger field of view and imaging applications (upgrade)


Required Accessories:  

  • Typically an adapter plate will be required to attach a Lunt Solar Filter to the front of a customer supplied telescope. These adapter are in stock for the more common user scopes, but can be custom made to your specific requirement.
  • No adapter is needed to add a LS50/DS module to a LS50F.


  • Lunt Solar Systems - 60mm H-Alpha Etalon reduces bandpass of Lunt LS-60 Solar System to <0.5 angstroms.

  • Lower bandpass means better contrast and higher resolution for both viewing and imaging!

  • The Lunt Solar Systems - 60mm H-Alpha Etalon can be ordered with the Lunt LS-60 for a perfect factory match.








Name Lunt - 60mm H-Alpha Etalon for Double-Stacking on the LS-60
Manufacturer Lunt Solar Systems
Model LS60FHA


Review and collect 40 points.
Review by:
I went from a 50mm stack to a 60mm Lunt stack to improve overall performance. While the aperture change didn't have as dramatic a result as I thought, I am very pleased with the performance of this stack. (Posted on 9/15/2015)
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