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Lunt - 50mm Ha Double Stack Etalon Solar-Filter (Matched)


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Manufactured by: Lunt Solar Systems


 Use the double-stack technique to reduce bandpass and get the best possible resolution and contrast from your Lunt Solar System telescope.  The Lunt 50mm H-alpha Etalon 50mm aperture filter will reduce the bandpass of a Lunt LS-50 solar system to <0.55 angstroms - dependent slightly on the telescope. If you order this extra Lunt Etalon at the same time you purchase your Lunt Solar Systems LS-50, the two filters will be matched at the factory.  Please know that this Etalon stack MUST be used with the appropriate Blocking Filter!  Blocking Filter is NOT included!


  • Lunt Solar Systems - 50mm H-Alpha Etalon reduces bandpass of Lunt LS-50 Solar System to <0.55 angstroms.
  • Lower bandpass means better contrast and higher resolution for both viewing and imaging!
  • The Lunt Solar Systems - 50mm H-Alpha Etalon can be ordered with the Lunt LS-50 for a perfect factory match.
  • Must be used with Lunt Blocking Filter.






Additional Information

Name Lunt - 50mm Ha Double Stack Etalon Solar-Filter (Matched)
Manufacturer Lunt Solar Systems
Model LS50FHA
Manufacturer Part No LS50FHa