Lumicon - 1.25" Lunar & Planetary Filter Set

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The Lumicon 1.25" Lunar & Planetary Filter Set, LF5045, is an excellent "starter-kit,"

Manufactured by:
Lumicon International

Product Description


Since its inception almost 4 decades ago,  Lumicon has always been and remains  the pioneers, innovators, and leaders in the development and manufacturing of observational and photographic filters and accessories for astronomy, telescopes and related astro equipment. Lumicon takes pride in making these filters in the USA - not China or overseas!

Lumicon offers the most extensive line of quality astronomical filters for every imagined visual and astro-photographic application in many unique configurations and sizes: telescope filters for light polluted skies, planets, deep sky objects, galaxies, nebulae, planetary nebulae, comets, as well as filters for ultraviolet, infrared and solar prominence viewing and photography.

Lumicon continues to introduce new and high quality astronomy accessories and continuously improves and perfects current designs. Lumicon keeps on staff optical engineers, astronomers, astro-photographers, and highly trained technicians to support the customer and all genuine Lumicon equipment.

To ensure that all Lumicon filters and astronomy accessories remain the world’s best, the strictest quality control standards are employed throughout the production process.

All Genuine Lumicon equipment comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

The Lumicon 1.25" Lunar & Planetary Filter Set, LF5045, is an excellent "starter-kit," a set of four (4) of Lumicon's most popular 1.25" lunar and planetary filters: the LF1025, #15 Yellow-Orange; the LF1060, #56 Green; the LF1070, #80A, Blue; and the LF1085, Neutral Density 25.


Name Lumicon - 1.25" Lunar & Planetary Filter Set
Manufacturer Lumicon International
Model LMC-LF5045


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