June 17th - Hardcore Astronomy (Not for the faint of Heart)

Event times: 12PM-3:30PM Pacific Time

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Bob Denny (fl. late 20th century) is an American software developer who writes software for robotic telescope and remote telescope systems. He is the inventor of the Astronomy Common Object Model (ASCOM) standard, which has resulted in the easy availability of freeware device drivers for telescopes, telescope focusers, and astronomical observatory domes and enclosures.

Denny is also noted for developing the first web server software for Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95, and NT 4 (Windows HTTPd), as the inventor of the Windows Common Gateway Interface which allows Visual Basic to be used as a web server back-end language, the first Java web server back-end system, and as the author of the O'Reilly WebSite Pro web server. He is a uniformed/armed volunteer for the Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff's office.



In 2013 the project maintenance role transitioned to the current maintainers, Andy Galasso and Bruce Waddington, who have overseen the development of the application since then. The application today is the result of contributions from more than 40 developers and translators. See Help – About in the PHD2 menu for the full list of contributors.

Bruce has contributed a new PHD2_Broker package that lets you use PHD2 with the latest CCD Autopilot automation package (v 5.09.8 or later). You can manage your imaging sessions with CCD Autopilot while letting PHD2 handle guiding and dithering in a coordinated way. Details are provided in the help document that’s part of the Broker package



Richard Wright is a software developer by trade and an avid astronomer and astrophotographer at heart. His training led him to Software Bisque where he currently develops software to run observatories and telescopes worldwide along with camera plug-ins and other device interfaces to streamline astrophotography. Richard is also a frequent contributor to astronomy publications like Sky & Telescope, Astronomy Technology Today, and Amateur Astronomy Magazine and has given numerous talks on astrophotography, Software Bisque's products, and his software.

12:00pm - 01:00pm - BRUCE WADDINGTON - PHD2
01:15pm - 02:15pm - RICHARD WRIGHT - THESKYX
02:30pm - 03:30pm - BOB DENNY - ASCOM ALPACA


(Heart Nebula - Mirko Maher)

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