Introducing Explore Scientific Losmandy G11 PMC8 EQ Mount

Introducing the Explore Scientific Losmandy G11 PMC8 EQ Mount

Greg Bragg of Explore Scientific dropped by Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes last week to show off their new mount, created in collaboration with Losmandy. We decided to film him giving our sales people a rundown on what makes the PMC8 mount great.

The Explore Scientific / Losmandy G11 PMC8 is a new take on the long time favorite of astrophotographers for many years, the Losmandy G11 GoTo equatorial mount.  This collaboration includes upgraded electronics and motors and probably the easiest to use, coolest looking tablet based controller we've ever seen.   Their control software is completely open source and ready to play with your existing softwares and systems.  The program has a gorgeous, image rich interface that offers extensive knowledge on objects but is easy enough for someone with little to no experience to use.

We are expecting to see first shipments of this mount come through in early 2017 and are accepting preorders now.  Place your preorder today to reserve one of the first shipments.

Check out the full length video.

Forgive our rumpled background.  This was a spur of the moment shoot!

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