Youtube Live - May 2nd 2020 - Alex McConahay, Chris Hendren, Tom Field, Scott Roberts Presents Dan Skoff


Saturday, May 2nd join us on our YouTube channel for an afternoon of live talks from Chris Hendren, Tom Field, Scott Roberts with meteorologist Dan Skoff, Tanya Kennelly with Losmandy, and Alex McConahay.  We'll be covering topics from astrophotography, spectroscopy, how to monitor weather like a pro, and the best equipment to choose to capture and perfect those images in celebration of the International Day of Astronomy!

Thanks to our speakers we have some awesome giveaways!  You must be watching to participate and win.

Explore Scientific: 25mm 100 Degree Waterproof Eyepiece

Tom Field: Periodic Table of Spectra Poster


All times noted are Pacific.  Time will be allowed for question and answer during and following each presentation. 

12:00 - 12:45 - Tom Field Capture Scientific Spectra with your Telescope or DSLR

Tom Field has been an amateur astronomer for almost30 years. He is a Contributing Editor at Sky & Telescope. Tom says, “My goal is to introduce spectroscopy to amateurs at all skill levels. Most of our community have no idea how easy and incredibly exciting the field can be.”He is a compelling speaker, making his topic interesting and accessible.

It’s easy to capture scientific data with just a DSLR or a small telescope and astronomical camera. Are you looking for a new way to use your current imaging setup? Or perhaps you’ve never captured astronomical images but want to learn how to capture scientific data of the stars?  Years ago, it was difficult to capture spectra of stars, but these days it’s surprisingly easy. It doesn’t require expensive equipment, or a PhD, dark skies, long exposures, or enormous aperture!  This webinar will show you how you can join the thousands of amateurs who have discovered how much fun capturing the spectra of stars can be. Learn how you too can determine the composition of distant stars, measure the temperature of stars, detect the Methane atmosphere on Uranus or the red shift of quasars. This talk, with lots of interesting examples, will show you what it’s all about and help you understand how spectroscopy is used in research. We’ll also briefly discuss the equipment you need and how to get started.

1:00 - 01:45 - Scott Roberts with Explore Scientific presents Meteorologist Dan Skoff

KNWA/FOX 24's Chief Meteorologist and storm chaser, Dan Skoff, will be walking through processes to predict weather like a pro, helping you aim for clear and stable skies.  Dan's talk to brought to us by Explore Scientific.

2:00 - 2:45 - Alex McConahay: Session Managers: Using SGP and Other Programs to Control an Evening of Imaging

Alex’s first experience as an astronomer was as a 7-year old looking at Saturn through the Zeiss 12" refractor at Griffith Observatory in the 1950s. His first telescope was an 80 mm refractor, which he purchased in 1986 to view Halley’s comet. He discovered star parties while viewing Comet Hayakutake in 1995.

He began attending the Riverside Astronomical Society meetings in Southern California and the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference (RTMC), where he exhibited two hand-built telescopes, and was the recipient of an RTMC Merit Award. At the Riverside Astronomical Society, Alex has been a member of the Board of Trustees and has served for 4 years as its president, having previously been its Vice President, newsletter editor, and star party coordinator. He helped establish the Riverside Astro Imaging Group, the Riverside Astro Imaging Workshop (RAW), and the Nightfall Imaging Workshop. He also helped establish Alex has presented programs about astroimaging and astronomy in general at national parks, club meetings, and star parties and conferences across the country. He also has earned the status of Master Observer from the Astronomical League.

Alex is a very experienced user of Sequence Generator Pro, which he uses to control his own equipment when taking images, and he's authored a book on the subject for Springer Nature: Using SGP and Friends.

Alex is a retired school teacher and administrator and world traveler (50 states and 125 countries) who lives in Moreno Valley, California.

Alex’s webpage is

3:00 - 3:45 - Tanya Kennelly for Losmandy Astronomical

Tanya and the team at Losmandy Astronomical have an announcement for you all.

4:00 - 4:45 - Chris Hendren: Using Canon Cameras Both Day and Night

Chris Hendren has been a Canon shooter since 2004 when he made the jump to digital imaging with the very first Digital Rebel. He is now on his 4th Canon body and focuses primarily on nature and night sky photography through different Canon lenses as well as through astronomical telescopes. His love for the night sky has led him to search for natural spaces from National Parks across the western US to exploring nature in his own backyard.

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