Instruction Links for ExploraDome

Building ExploraDome

Software Install Steps Version 6

Installing the Shutter Door Pin

Explora Dome Deluxe 8’ Round Building Assembly Instructions

10 X 10 Aluminum Building W Dome

10 X 10 Aluminum Roof Support Assembly

10 X 10 Wood Bld Assembly Instructions Revision 1 2018

10'6 Round Bld Assembly

Brush Seal installation

Door Lock Assembly

12 X 12 Square Building 9 16 2016

EDII 11 6 Round Building Assembly Version 5

EDII Dome Assembly Version 4

2 thoughts on “Instruction Links for ExploraDome”

  • Bill sondermeyer
    Bill sondermeyer March 3, 2020 at 4:41 pm

    Looking to purchase a 11’-6” dome only to place on top of a round silo Type building yet to be built. Looking for plans to tell me what the finish measurements or diameter needs to be so the dome drops on top. Thanks

    • whscopes

      Hi Bill, we will need some more details on your project to make sure you have what you need. Please give us a call 818.347.2270 or email

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