QHYCCD - QHY183C Cooled CMOS Camera

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The QHYCCD 183C is a full color, high resolution CMOS imaging camera with a 20MP Sony Exmor R sensor. 2.4 micron square pixels and a back illuminated sensor structure produce exceptionally smooth and detailed images. Anti-fog design and 4K HD video support.
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Product Description

QHYCCD QHY183C Cooled CMOS Camera

QHYCCD's QHY183C is a single shot color 20MP high-definition imaging camera with a back-illuminated CMOS sensor, glow supression features, and a 128MB DDR on board memory.  Capable of capturing 4K HD video and with an internal two stage TEC cooling system to eliminate fogging, the QHYCCD 183C is designed for prolonged deep sky imaging sessions resulting in beautiful full color, high-resolution astronomy images. 

About the QHYCCD 183C CMOS Sensor

 The QHYCCD 183C uses a 20MP Sony Exmor R back-illuminated sensor with 2.4 micron square pixels to produce smooth, high-res images.  Back-illuminated sensors are synonymous with exceptional sensitivity and high quantum efficiency.  By placing the wiring behind the photocathode layer, reflections are reduced and essentially there is nothing to block the path to the sensor photo-diode layer from the silicon substrate.   Back illumination was previously found most often with CCD sensors, but by using a CMOS sensor with back-illumination you gain the best of both worlds: low power consumption, high-speed operation but with resolution rivaling larger, more expensive cameras on the market.  This sensor structure minimizes the degrading of sensitivity to optical angle response while simultaneously increasing light gathering capabilities of the sensor.  Noise is also reduced thanks to Sony's unique photo-diode structure and chip lens optimization. 

This 20MP sensor camera is capable of real-time 15 frame per second output making it a great option for EAA live deep space observations and a prime choice for imaging.  Short exposures stacked take advantage of large aperture telescopes' high resolution while reducing atmospheric aberrations.  By using short exposure times, tracking errors become a smaller concern over the course of an imaging session.    The QHY183C also supports 4K HD video at 25fps, 4096x2160 and a 1:1 video output.

Built-in Memory

By including 128MB of built-in memory, QHYCCD avoids the loss of frames during long exposures by offering buffering space, a problem typically found with slower PC processing times or slow computer connections.  

About Glow Suppression

Developed by QHYCCD, glow suppression technology has brought CMOS imaging to new heights.  This on-board feature reduces glow caused by the camera's amplifier during long exposures dramatically reducing noise and creating higher contrast images.    

About the COLDMOS TEC Cooling System

With 2 stage TEC built-in cooling the QHYCCD 183C CMOS camera will stay fog free throughout your imaging session.    A small heating plate keeps the sensor window clear all night long to an ambient temperature of -40 degrees Celcius.  


Name QHYCCD - QHY183C Cooled CMOS Camera
Manufacturer QHYCCD
Model QHY-QHY183C
CCD Sensor Sony - IMX178
Data Output USB 3.0 high speed
Exposure time 50ms - 3600s
Filter(s) Not Included
Filter Wheel Not Included. A RJ11 4 pin port is built-in.
Frame Rate 20MP 15fps, 4K HD 25fps, 12MP 25fps
Full Well Capacity 15000 - 16000e
Imaging Area 13.3mm x 8.9mm, typical 1 inch
Image Sensor Format CMOS
Pixel Size 2.4 micron square
Power 12v power port
Read Noise low fe@ high gain 2.7e @gain 0
Sensor Sony Exmor R IMX183
Sensor Size 5544x3694 active pixels
Sensor Type CMOS
Software Features SharpCAP, EZCAP_QT, ASCOM Driver, WDM Driver, Live Video Broadcast Driver
Thermoelectric CCD Cooling 2 stage -40C ambient


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