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  1. Starlight Xpress - Reflective Spectrograph with Built-in Lodestar X2 Guide Camera


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The Starlight Xpress Compact Reflective Grating Spectrogrpah is finally here! In a module with dimensions of 136 x 120 x75mm and 1.2kg weight, the user get high performance and flat-field concave grating, excellent spectrographic qualities.

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  2. Shelyak - 4-Position Slit (15/19/23/35 µm) with support (For Lhires III. Not required for new order.)

    Regular Price: $329.00

    You Pay: $289.00

    SKU: SHE-SE0002B

    Ships in 3-5 Days

  3. Shelyak - Slit with support

    SKU: SHE-SE0002

    Ships in 1-2 Weeks

    Some projects require to reduce the slit width (ex: spectro-heliography) or to enlarge it (ex: comets). Additional slit and support are available so you can change it in few seconds
  4. Shelyak - M42-31.75 Adapter

    SKU: SHE-BA0016

    In stock

    We propose in option a M42-31.75mm (also called M42-1.25") adapter which allow you to mount the Star Analyser 100 on a SLR (digital or not) equipped with a T/T2 ring; then to mount it on a standard 1.25" eyepiece holder.

  5. Shelyak - Spacer for the Star Analyser 100

    SKU: SHE-BA0014

    In stock

    The Star Analyzer 100 has been designed to work with the smallest commonly used sensor chips and the range of camera nose-piece designs commonly encountered
  6. Shelyak - eShel Spectrograph with Large High Effciency Grating and Canon EOS Lens

    SKU: SHE-PF0011

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Shelyak Instruments is your complete echelle spectroscopy solution for your astronomical projects
  7. Shelyak - Calibration Unit: Thorium-Argon Lamp, High Voltage Power Supply, LEDS for flat, and PC Remote Control

    SKU: SHE-PF0012

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Thorium-Argon lamp with high voltage power supply for precise calibrationFlat lamp for echelle order geometry and blaze processingElectronic to control remotely calibration frame acquisition 
  8. Shelyak - Support module with 300 lines/mm grating

    SKU: SHE-SE0008

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Grating and its support are very easy to remove on a Lhires III. This allow to change in few seconds your configuration: adapt it to the resolution you need for your project!300 lines/mm is ideal for stellar classification and a SLR digital camera
  9. Rigel Systems - RS-Spectroscope


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    View or Photograph the Spectra of Stars in COLORDecoding the Message in StarlightThe RS-Spectroscope attaches to an eyepiece to spread light from stars and nebulae into a rainbow of colors, colors that provide a whole new way to enjoy astronomy

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  10. Shelyak - LISA slit Infra-Red

    Regular Price: $5,250.00

    You Pay: $3,600.00

    SKU: SHE-PF0021IR

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Explore to the limit of your telescope with our LISA low resolution high luminosity spectrograph. With its slit, LISA is specially designed for faint or extended objects.

  11. Shelyak - LISA Slit Visible

    Regular Price: $4,725.00

    You Pay: $3,295.00

    SKU: SHE-PF0021VIS

    In stock

    LISAExplore to the limit of your telescope with our LISA low resolution high luminosity spectrograph. With its slit, LISA is specially designed for faint or extended objects
  12. Shelyak - Lhires III Spectrograph Upgrade Kit

    SKU: SHE-SE0165

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    A new improved guiding port designed for the Lhires III spectrogtaph and replacing your original simplier guiding port.

  13. Shelyak - Alpy Photometric Slit 23/200

    SKU: SHE-SE0145

    In stock

    Special photometric slit for the Alpy 600 spectrograph (to be used with the guiding module). Includes a 23µm slit portion and a 200µm wide slit section.

  14. SBIG - ST-i Spectrograph and ST-i Monochrome Camera Package

    SKU: ST-i Spectrograph+ST-i Mono Camera

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    SBIG has developed a new spectrograph specifically for our ST-i camera.

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  15. Shelyak - Alpy Calibration Module

    Regular Price: $799.00

    You Pay: $699.00

    SKU: SHE-PF0037

    In stock

    Shelyak - Alpy calibration module is usually added in front of the guiding module and the Alpy 600 spectrograph.
  16. Shelyak - Alpy 600 Base Module Spectrograph

    Regular Price: $849.00

    You Pay: $749.00

    SKU: SHE-PF0035

    In stock

    ALPY is a new modular product line for spectroscopy. ALPY allows the user to add components as desired with separate spectrograph, guiding module and calibration module.

  17. Shelyak - Lisa Pack

    SKU: SHE-PF0029

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    LISA Pack spectrograph is a very efficient high luminosity spectrograph with a mirror slit to isolate your target from any other background object and to project your field onto a guiding camera: mandatory for long exposure and reach out fainter objects.

  18. Shelyak - Lhires Lite

    Regular Price: $1,935.00

    You Pay: $1,499.00

    SKU: SHE-PF0002

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Lhires Lite is the ideal visual spectroscope. Simple to use, robust and safe, it will quickly become your preferred companion for your public outreach.

  19. Shelyak - Handheld Spectroscope

    SKU: SHE-SHPF0023

    In Stock

    This visual handheld spectroscope is a 115mm long tube with a very precise entrance slit.
  20. FLI - MicroLine Series - Hamamatsu S10140-1109 Back Illuminated Monochrome CCD Camera for Spectroscopy (no shutter)

    SKU: ML1109

    This item typically has a delivery time of 4-6 weeks. Place your order today to reserve.

    Goodbye Goliath! MicroLine is smaller and lighter-weight than the competition, but outperforms them in key areas such as noise, frame quality, download speeds, bit-depth, and CCD cooling.

    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
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