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  1. PrimaLuceLab - Canon EOS 700Da Cooled DSLR Camera


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    PrimaLuce Labs has created a modified DSLR camera based on Canon's 700D, built for astrophotography. Includes integrated Double Peltier cell cooling system, integrated shutter controls and dew prevention sensor heater. Finally the best of both worlds, the large sensor of a powerful DSLR camera and with the noise reducing cooling typically found only on CCD cameras.
  2. PrimaLuceLab - D5500 FullRange DSLR Camera


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    The PrimaLuce Labs Nikon D5500 FullRange modified DSLR camera is perfectly suited to astrophotography thanks to an internal filter that permits both UV and IR light to pass through. Ultra low noise and a premium quality chip will produce gorgeous single shot color images. Swiveling touch screen display and Live View shooting mode, along with traditional DSLR functions and retained autofocus make the D5500 FullRange easy and convenient to use. Full factory warranty.
  3. PrimaLuceLab - D5600A Astronomy DSLR Camera - Cooled


    This Item Will Be Available in 4-6 Weeks

    The PrimaLuceLab D5600A DSLR Camera is a great tool for imaging deep sky objects as well as terrestrial. With the easy to use system of a DSLR sensor and having a cooled camera, this astro-imaging camera should work very smoothly even without an external computer.

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Imaging has emerged as one of the most popular aspects of astronomy as a hobby.  Developments in digital imaging technology have made CCD cameras and CMOS cameras design for taking pictures of the night sky widely available to amateur astronomers everywhere.    Whether you are a beginning astrophotographer looking for an inexpensive introductory astronomy camera, or a practiced enthusiast looking for state-of-the-art astroimaging cameras or research grade cameras, Woodland Hills Camera & Telescope has the CCD and CMOS cameras and expertise you need.