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  1. Celestron - NexImage 5 5MP Solar System Imager - 93711

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    • Celestron's NexImage 5 is built on a 5MP color sensor with Micron® DigitalClarity® technology to dramatically reduce image noise levels
    • Software automatically filters out video frames most affected by poor atmospheric conditions, leaving only the sharpest, clearest frames to be stacked and aligned into one high-quality image
    • View and capture live video on your computer
    • Manually adjust gain, contrast, exposure time, frame rate and color saturation using your PC
    • Machined aluminum 1.25" adapter barrel with C-threads for direct threaded connection to almost any telescope
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CCD cameras and CMOS astrophotography cameras for taking pictures of the night sky have become widely available to amateur astronomers of all skill levels.  We carry astroimaging equipment for all budgets too so you can take pictures of the night sky, the milky way and moon or enter into advanced astroimaging to capture images of deep sky objects like nebula and star clusters.