Hotech - Advanced CT for 2 " Focuser with SCA-TA2 (2” T-Adapter) Laser Collimator

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Collimate Your Cassegrain Telescope without using a star Indoor or outdoor - day or night Focus stays at
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Product Description

Founded in 2002, HOTECH is a leading company in the opto-electronic industry serving the Astronomy community the world over. Throughout the history of HOTECH USA,  the company has continuously brought forward innovative and proprietary technologies to develop state-of-the-art, next-generation products offering a competitive edge to Astronomers everywhere.  Enter the HOTECH Advanced CT Laser Collimator, HOTECH's latest device to improve visual accuracy in the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope ( and many other Cassegrains) and is designed to replace the much more complicated and costly Wavefront Interferometers as collimation tools for larger aperture reflectors.

The HOTECH Advanced CT Laser Collimator samples the entire optical system (primary, secondary mirror, and eyepiece axial position) with a simulated large aperture flat-wavefront light source generated by three parallel lasers positioned behind the supplied Target Plate.  By using three perfectly aligned laser beams it emulates the parallel rays coming from a distant star. The beams then pass through the telescope twice to magnify any error in the entire system.  Because of this redundancy even tiny collimation errors become apparent and can then be corrected.

The only user accessible collimation alignment point on a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope is via the (3) secondary mirror alignment screws located behind the secondary mirror at the front of the Telescope  Therefore, you only need to adjust the three alignment screws to adjust the secondary mirror to move the three laser spots onto the same circle on the target plate. This limited adjustment makes the collimation simple to perform. The target plate provides a clear view of the mirror alignment  when the three lasers are reflected back on the target. The Target Plate should be held in place at the appropriate height by the included adjustable tripod head. Finally, the appropriate Reflector Mirror (1¼" or 2" - your choice depending on the size of your focuser) is inserted it in the visual back (imaging use) or into the diagonal (visual use) of the Scope. That's it. Start Collimating!


- Collimation without using a referencing star
- Indoor or outdoor - day or night
- Focus stays at final view setting
- Set-up within focal length distance from your telescope
- One person operation
- Portable and simple to setup and use
- Works on CT, SCT, SN Mak, & RC


HOTECH SCA precision prime focus T-Adapter (2.00 inch)  -  INCLUDED  WITH THIS ADVANCED CT COLLIMATION PACKAGE. 

HOTECH has found the solution to sloppy camera to telescope connections - the Self-Centering Camera T-Adapter for Astro-Imaging.  The Self-Centering Adapter (SCA) mechanism  provides consistent and reliable connection between your telescope and camera.  The SCA T-Adapter fits any make telescope that uses a 2" or 1.25” focuser or visual back. The SCA brings your Camera to the Closest Optical Axis in the Drawtube or Visual back. For BEST Imaging results, it is essential to position your camera firmly in and on the optical axis   The SCA T-Adapter center-loads the camera in the drawtube or visual back with a simple tightening of a compression ring forcing the built-in rubber rings outward evenly,  The camera. is now solid and secure.


  • SCA Provides 360 deg. rubber square rings contact for the most secure and reliable adaption in your focuser
  • SCA Brings your Camera to the Closest Optical Axis in the Drawtube/Visual back for BEST Imaging Result
  • SCA Eliminates Drawtube/Visual Back Slop
  • SCA Eliminates unstable locking from thumbscrew or unified compression ring
  • SCA Accepts the Imperfection of a Drawtube/Visual Back
  • SCA Short Profile Prevents Oscillation
  • SCA Damps Vibration
  • SCA Accepts Standard Filter Threads

 If a user has any questions about the setup process, the ACT Laser Collimator comes with a well illustrated and written Owner's Guide, 7 pages in length which will definitely clear up any confusion during initial setup.  ALSO,  watch the 2 videos below which will take you step by step thru the Collimation Process with the Advanced CT Laser Collimator.

Amateur Astronomer magazine Summer 2014:  Robert Reeves wrote this article in the Star People: Real People feature












Name Hotech - Advanced CT for 2 " Focuser with SCA-TA2 (2” T-Adapter) Laser Collimator
Manufacturer HoTech
Model ACT-M2+SCA-TA2
Custom Stock Status Ships in 3-5 Days
Alignment Procedures 3 Laser
Barrel diameter 2"
Batteries 1 CR123 3V Lithium
Body Material Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Camera Adaptable Yes
Construction Hardened, Anodized, CNC precision machined
Design Advanced CT Laser Collimator
Fine Focus Yes
Laser 3 Optical Class II
Laser output power 1mw
Laser wavelength Visible Red 632nm
Mounting connections Std Camera mount to Tripod
Mounting to telescope Visual Back or Diagonal
Remote Triggering Optional
Tripod User supplied


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