Baader - Safety Baader Cool Ceramic Herschel Prism 2" with ClickLock 2" Clamp, PHOTOGRAPHIC version, incl.4 ND-filter 2" 0,6/0,9/1,8/3,0 & Solar-Continuum Filter 2"

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Baader Planetarium - Safety Baader Cool Ceramic Herschel Prism 2" with ClickLock 2" Clamp, PHOTOGRAPHIC version, incl
Manufactured by:
Baader Planetarium

Product Description

BAADER - 2" Cool Ceramic Herschel Wedge (Photo Version)

The New  Baader Planetarium 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism offers the finest white-light solar views obtainable, and is the only white light filter that we have found to noticeably exceed the performance of Baader AstroSolar Film. The Herschel wedge prism provides safe full-aperture solar views without absolutely no image degradation. Views are noticeably superior in resolution and contrast to even the very finest and most expensive glass objective solar filters and films. The amount of Sunspot detail and surface granulation will surprise even the most experienced solar observer. Penumbra resolve into a staggering range of contrasts and fine wispy details. The solar disc is set against a jet-black sky, like observing the full moon at night! With our Herschel Wedge Prism, it becomes obvious that the lack of detail and contrast experienced with most other white-light filters was not so much due to the atmospheric seeing as you had thought... A further benefit is the true unfiltered nature of the spectrum passed by the filter. Unlike all objective solar filters, the Baader Herschel Wedge does not selectively filter any of the visual wavelengths. This provides a true white-light view, and permits the use of additional eyepiece filters to selectively study any bands desired, without the compounding effects of a pre-filter.

Baader Herschel Wedge Photos

The Baader Safety Herschel Wedge is the finest solar wedge ever produced for amateur use. It is the culmination of Baader's many years of experience in the design and production of Herschel Wedges. Utilizing a precision 2" genuine Zeiss ultra-smooth wedge prism and proprietary Baader optical design for stray light elimination, the Baader Safety Herschel Wedge maximizes image contrast and sharpness. While other herschel wedges use a low-quality Chinese or other generic glass wedge prism, the large first-surface Zeiss produced prism has high surface quality and smoothness over its entire surface which will not break down at magnifications over 100x, permitting full-disc photography and imaging with no resolution or contrast loss across the full field.

As supplied, a special precision polished and coated Baader ND=3.0 filter is permanently pre-installed within the wedge housing (it MUST be present for any and all visual observation). This critical safety feature ensures that the ND filter will always be present, with no chance of accidentally viewing the unfiltered light as with some other herschel wedges. The genuine Baader ND filters have been designed and produced specifically for Herschel usage, and are the only ND filters ever to be produced with both surfaces fineoptically polished and anti-reflection multicoated. These additional steps provide the highest image quality across the entire field, preventing any image breakdown and scattered light which are inherent in standard ND filters.

The modular design of the Baader Herschel Wedge incorporates a removable 2" nosepiece and Deluxe 2" Clamping eyepiece holder (with integral brass clamp ring and dual clamp screws). The threaded machined aluminum body permits attachment of a full range of Baader accessories, as well as for close-coupling of cameras and Baader binoviewers.


  • The latest version incorporates an innovative Light Trap developed by Baader Planetarium. This development takes the Herschel Wedge into the 21st Century, by rendering the output energy cool and diffused! In all other herschel designs, the waste energy is simply deflected out of the rear face of the prism by an angled mirror. Though quite safe with careful use, the user still had to be aware not to place any object (or body part..) into this output beam (and to prevent any casual onlooker from carelessly staring up into the beam). Thanks to Baader Planetarium, this concern has now been completely removed. In place of the typical output mirror is a coated multi-layered perforated steel screen. The bright light and heat energy are harmlessly diffused. Even after prolonged observations through large refractors, the light trap remains cool. You can even place a hand below the output and no heat can be felt (also, no tempting or hazardous bright output for careless eyes to see).
  • Each Baader Safety Herschel Wedge now includes a pre-installed 2" Solar Continuum Filter! With the Solar Continuum, the contrast and image stability is further enhanced in all telescopes. The combination of the Herschel Wedge and Solar Continuum Filter delivers the finest solar views obtainable with any white-light telescope. The Solar Continuum filter may be removed by the user, if desired (but the ND=3.0 must not be removed).
  • We now offer two versions of the Herschel Wedge: The lower priced Version-V (visual) comes with the pre-installed ND=3.0/1:1000 (required for safe viewing), and a pre-installed 2" Solar Continuum Filter. The Version-P (photographic) starts with the Version-V and adds 3 additional Baader ND filters (ND1.8/1:64, ND0.9/1:8, ND0.6/1:4 ). The additional ND filters are handy for further dimming the image by using in place of the Continuum filter for white light viewing, or attaching to eyepieces or a T2-15 Reducer, and are particularly useful for imaging. Please refer to the More Info page for additional information.
  • All of the fine-optically polished genuine Baader ND filters now incorporate special anti-reflection multi-coatings, to further eliminate light scatter and ghosting for maximum image contrast. The result is image quality unachievable with any other ND filter.

Please Note:

  • The Herschel Wedge is ONLY recommended for use with refracting telescopes, NOT Schmidt-Cassegrain, Maksutov, or any other Reflecting Telescopes. This is a professional-quality white light (not H-Alpha) solar filtration system, whose basic design concept has existed for almost as long as the telescope itself. Like glass or mylar film objective solar filters, it is completely safe if used properly and common sense precautions always observed.
  • Similar in length to any 2" diagonal, the Baader Herschel Wedge requires more back-focus than a 1.25" accessory. The path length of the Herschel is 128mm, as measured from it's front face to the top of the 2" eyepiece holder. Since most 2" eyepieces have their field stops well below the main eyepiece body, most telescopes will need less than 128mm of back focus to accommodate the Herschel. Most telescopes with 2" focusers will have no problem providing this amount of back-focus (in-travel). However, some telescopes, such as many TeleVue refractors, provide limited back-focus that may require a shorter path length for some eyepieces. For these scopes the path length of the Herschel may be reduced to 108mm for 1.25" eyepieces by the attachment of a T2-27 adapter and T2-08 1.25" Clicklock eyepiece clamp.



Name Baader - Safety Baader Cool Ceramic Herschel Prism 2" with ClickLock 2" Clamp, PHOTOGRAPHIC version, incl.4 ND-filter 2" 0,6/0,9/1,8/3,0 & Solar-Continuum Filter 2"
Manufacturer Baader Planetarium


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