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TO - Heater Bands 1 X 45


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Availability: In stock Available - Ships in 3-5 Days


Available - Ships in 3-5 Days

Manufactured by: Thousand Oaks Optical


Thousand Oaks Optics Heater Band: 1" x 45"

The heater bands by Thousand Oaks Optical wrap around your telescopes, finder scopes or eyepieces. Each Heater is powered by a four foot standard RCA power cord, included with the purchase of any dew heater. The cord connects the Digital Control Unit  that can power up to four heaters at once. Each heater output is controlled independently and has a full range of adjustment from 0-100%. This eliminates the problem of overheating or not reaching desired temperature regardless of heater size and combination. Green LED indicates unit is receiving power and also serves as a low power warning in "battery saver" mode. Each channel has it's own red LED indicator. Compared to competitive models, it's like having four units built into one box with advanced features. Unit is small and lightweight measuring 5" x 2.5" x 1" (127mm x 63 x 25). Supplied with 12' (3.65m) power cord and cigarette lighter adapter. 

To Learn more about the Digital Dew Heater Control Unit. Click Here

Heater Options:

Supplied with 4' power cable and standard RCA connectors.

Part #
HB-2 2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm) .25 Telrad
HB-4 1" x 4" (25mm x 100mm) .25 1 1/4 Eyepieces & Finders
HB-6 1" X 6" (25mm x 1.52cm) .30 2" Eyepieces & Finders
HB-15 1" x 15" (25mm x 38cm) .94 2.5" to 4" Telescopes
HB-20 1" x 20" (25mm x 51cm) 1.25 5" Telescopes
HB-25 1 x 25" (25mm x 6.35cm) 1.45 6" Telescopes
HB-30 1" x 30" (25mm x 76cm) 1.87 8" Telescopes
HB-45 1" x 45" (25mm x 1.14m) 2.81 10" to 12" S/C
HB-50 1" x 50" (25mm x 1.27m) 3.21 14" to 16" S/C


Product Series

Supplied with 4' power cable and standard RCA connectors. Other brands using RCA connectors are fully compatable with our controller.

Additional Information

Name TO - Heater Bands 1 X 45
Manufacturer Thousand Oaks Optical
Model HB45
Manufacturer Part No HB45
Amps 2.81
Heater Dimensions (inches) 25 mm x 1.14 Meters
Heater Dimensions (mm) 1" x 45"