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FLI - CCD47-10-1-373 UV, Fused Silica Window


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Manufactured by: Finger Lakes Instrumentation


FLI Hyperion CCD47-10-1-373 UV, Fused Silica window


FLI is pleased to release a third family of CCD Cameras, the Hyperion. The Hyperion Cooled CCD camera designed from FLI is designed for applications that require a thin profile without a sacrifice in performance or image quality. The Hyperion offers deep sensor cooling, high frame rates, low-noise and can accept a wide range of sensors including monochrome, front-illuminated, back-illuminated, interline and color. 

One of the most excellent flexibilites an observer recieves when they purchase a Hyperion CCD is the choice between liquid or air cooling. Pre-cooling a CCD before usage is critical in the performance. Just like the MicroLine and ProLine series, these cameras include a TEC (Peltier) that assists in sensor cooling. Cooling of up to 70°C below ambient temperature is possible at a 20°C ambient with the standard fan assisted air cooled back. The Hyperion cooling system can improve cooling from 5-10°C and has the capabilites to take in approximate flow rates of 0.5 galloon/minute. The camera can reach proper temperature in 5 minutes!


FLI's Hyperion CCD Cameras can connect via USB 2.0 interface, 6 pin DIN auxiliary I/O, 12V power supply in. Simply connect the PC and camera via the USB cable and the 4 pin connector to a wall jsocket or AC power strap and the camera's fans will begin to run. If the observer wishes to connect the filter wheel, FLI has a cable kit available to buy seperately. 


The camera sereis also incorporates RBI Anti-Ghosting Technology. This technology eliminates ghost images common to front illuminated full frame cameras. This feature is directly controlable from the computer and the user can turn it on or off according to his or her preference. This feature was developed by FLI and is madem possible with newly advanced software, firmware and hardware. 


The MicroLine and ProLine cameras are well known for their blazing download speeds. FLI has now brought this trait to the Hyperionn series. With a speed of 12MHz at 16 bits, images can be downloaded to the PC in approximately 1 second with a full frame sensor operation. In addition, the CCD has a video mode with interline sensors, meaning you can viewn your images live!





Additional Information

Name FLI - CCD47-10-1-373 UV, Fused Silica Window
Manufacturer Finger Lakes Instrumentation
Model HP77-1-MB
Manufacturer Part No HP77-1-MB
Shutter 25mm or 43mm High Speed Shutter