Fastar Compatible Celestron Telescopes

The Fastar system in combination with the Starizona Hyperstar dramatically increases traditional Schmidt Cassegrain and EdgeHD optical tubes' speed, turning f/10 instruments into f/2 or better.  The Fastar system provides greatly reduced exposure times for astrophotographers, increasing the ability to use larger imaging sensors, and eliminating the need for secondary wide-field telescopes.

Celestron optical tubes will have a Fastar logo on the secondary mirror cover, indicating that the mirror can be removed and replaced with a Fastar lens or Starizona Hyperstar.

One thought on “Fastar Compatible Celestron Telescopes”

  • Frank Durham

    Looking into funstar and fastar information, are either or both compatible with my Celestron NexStar 8 SE goto telescope?? and the IR2 ?

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