Bresser - Comet Edition Set - AR102S Refractor Telescope

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New from Explore Scientific is the BRESSER AR102S - Comet Edition telescope and binocular package.

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Product Description

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC - Bresser Comet Edition Set - AR102S Refractor Telescope and 7X50 Wide Angle Binoculars

New from Explore Scientific is the Bresser AR102S - Comet Edition telescope and binocular package. This sleek, rich field 102mm f/4.5 Doublet Refractor with its 20mm 70º series Eyepiece produces a spectacular 3º true field of view, perfect for viewing details in comets, large diffuse nebulae, the Andromeda Galaxy, and star fields in the Milky Way.

In addition to the included 1.25" 20mm 70° eyepiece, the telescope with its 2" focuser also has a unique collimation system that adjusts a built-in diagonal to produce breathtaking wide field views. Also included is a superior pair of Wide Angle 7x50 Binoculars with long eye-relief eyepiece. You'll get the ultimate deep sky experience with equipment that can be taken anywhere.
Ultra portable, the telescope on its sturdy and smooth altazimuth mount, adjustable metal tripod, and Wide Angle 7x50 Binoculars tucks away neatly in its own backpack, perfect for land and sky, and observing at a moment's notice.

Designing and manufacturing optics is at the heart of Explore Scientific.  Designers and Optical Craftspeople constantly strive to produce optical tools that will deliver the precision and dependability that explorers of the Universe deserve regardless of their level of expertise. Producing optics of this caliber requires a solid design, careful fabrication, and multiple tests throughout the manufacturing process, but  also takes a dogged determination to keep perfecting processes and skills so that new products keep getting better and better. To further insure your faith in Explore Scientific products, all Explore Scientific Telescopes are backed by the Explore Scientific STAR Transferrable, Life of the Product Warranty.


  • Sleek, rich field 102mm f/4.5 doublet refractor 
  • Alt-azimuth Mount  
  • Includes a 20mm 70° series eyepiece which produces a spectacular 3 degree true field of view 
  • 2" focuser also has a unique collimation system that adjusts a built-in diagonal
  • Package includes wide angle 7X50 Binoculars, Backpack, and Adjustable Tripod 


  • Series -  Explore Comet Hunter                                           
  • Optical Design  -  Achromatic Refractor 
  • Mount Type  -   Alt-Azimuth
  • Telescope Aperture  -   4"
  • Telescope Focal Length  -   459mm
  • Telescope Focal Ratio  -  f/4.5
  • Optical Coatings  -  Fully Multi-Coated
  • Tube Finish  -   White Powder Coat
  • OTA Mount Type  -   Single Arm
  • Eyepiece  -   20mm 70° Bresser 
  • Case  -   Included
  • Tripod  -   Adjustable with Steel Legs









Name Bresser - Comet Edition Set - AR102S Refractor Telescope
Manufacturer Bresser
Model BRAR102S00
UPC 812257014026
Manufacturer Part # BR-AR102S-00
Custom Stock Status In Stock
Telescope Aperture 3.1" - 4"
Aperture 102mm
Focal Ratio f/4.5
Warranty Explore STAR Transferrable Unlimited Lifetime Product Warranty


Review and collect 40 points.
Review by:
Most portable, easy to use setup, a serious grab and go. Binoculars great quality and spot on collimation upon arrival, scope body all metal including screw on/off dewshield beautifully finished. Focuser body a fine pebble finished heavy duty plastic with 4screw rack plate that adjusts to silky smooth function. Focuser tube is metal 2" dia. but only allows 1.25" eyepieces, rack/pinion gears all metal. Scope collimation at rear cell by eyepiece much easier than those with adjustments at front of scope. Tripod has same heavy black plastic at leg articulations but is heavy duty and should give long service with proper care, eyepiece tray twist locks in place, very nicely. Mount arm and base are cast aluminum with plastic trim/coverings and are easily adjustable and very smooth motion. Scope views are bright, really nice contrast on clusters, star fields, and nebulae--nicer than my 4" high quality SCT on such objects. Coatings are fully multicoated, flawless, splitting Castor at 80--over 200x shows diffraction pattern of high quality optics. The heavy duty cordura backpack has a plush finish on the inside, holds the entire set with padded adjustable partition between mount head and OTA, while tripod slips into a small pocket with straps holding it snug alongside. Also a large front zipper pocket for other items. So easy to use and enjoyable views, ready for the yard or travel to a dark site with ease. Included Bresser 20mm/70 degree eyepiece, giving 3 degree+ field of view, makes the scope its own big finder. I'd recommend adding a 6, and 15mm with a good 2x Barlow to cover most any viewing opportunity. My most used scope. Also an Explore Scientific lifetime warranty! Simply great combo at a fair price. (Posted on 1/12/2016)
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