These pictures were taken at the woodland hills Observatory the telescope is a planewave 17 Camera used was a QSI 583 Mount AP1200, First image M1 the Crab Neb. RGB Was 120 minutes, Luminance was 80 minutes, Ha 80 minutes,

Came out very nice I thought. Second image is M101Gal. a show piece, RGG 90 Minutes, Luminance 60 Minutes,

Third image is M109 Gal. Was not as good as I hope seeing was soft and the wind was blowing, But those things happen, RGB 120 Minutes, Luminance 120 minutes, The fourth image is the helix Neb.

The camera I used was a STL 11,000 mono. RGB 144 Minutes, Luminance 96 minutes, The fifth image is the medusa Neb. Pl 205+14 RGB 150 Minutes, Luminance 100 minutes, Ha 80 minutes. My purpose in taking these images is to produce pretty pictures and not to present facts about them so enjoy the work of God's fingers. Craig

1-Crab Neb
2-M101 Gal   3-M109 Gal  
4-Helix Neb   5-Medusa Neb  

These pictures were taken at the woodland hills Observatory, Processed with maxim DL Pro 5. Image six is a planetary Neb. Pl 164. It's very faint and large 14 Magnitude I was hoping to get a better image for the time I spent on it. But you get what you get! RGB 150 Minutes, Luminance 100 minutes, Ha 120 minutes. The seventh image is M33 Gal. a beautiful face on galaxy taken with a AP160 Refractor telescope, Camera STL 11,000 M. RGB 120 Minutes, Luminance 80 minutes, The next picture number eight is a classic M51 Gal. The wind was blowing so the image is soft. I use the Plainwave 17 and the QSI 583M Camera, RGB 3 hours, Luminance 140 Minutes, Image number nine the jellyfish NGC433 Is pretty cool, RGB 240 Minutes, Luminance 120 minutes.

6-planetary Neb. Pl 164   7-M33 Gal  
8-M51 Gal   9-Jellyfish  

Image number 10 Thors Helmet Is my favorite of this group, RGB 240 Minutes, Luminance 140 minutes, Ha 100 Minutes, Telescope Plainwave 17 camera Qsi 583M, Hope you like this as much as I do. Image number 11 M42 The Orion Neb. Probably the most spectacula Neb. in the sky, This was a number of short exposures. Total exposure time was 32 minutes, I was very enpressed. Image number 12 NGC2683 Gal. And image 13 NGC3521 Gal. Were both taken with poor seeing and wind RGB 120 Minutes, Luminance 100 minutes, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

10-Thors Helmet   11-Orion Neb  
12-NGC2683 Gal   13-NGC3521 Gal