As a retired Commercial Photographer/Graphic Designer for over 20 years, I've also been a Night Sky Observer.

It wasn't until this past year that I purchased my first H-alpha Telescope (Lunt LS60) and became hooked on Solar Observing & Imaging. I soon sold the LS60 to  purchase Lunt's LS80 H-alpha scope and just recently purchased their LS100 H-alpha scope.

Solar Observing and Imaging has now become my new creative visual outlet.

 All images were made with the Lunt LS80/B1800 H-alpha and Lunt  LS100/B1800 H-alpha Telescopes except for one image made with the  Explore Scientific 127mm ED APO Carbon Tube Refractor and Lunt White Light Wedge. 

All images were captured using the Imaging Source DMK41 CCD Camera with 2X & 5X Barlow lenses and .5X reducers. I want to thank Kevin LeGore and Farah at Woodland Hills Camera and  Telescope for all of their valuable input and help in purchasing my  Solar equipment and Night Sky Telescopes and accessories.