Stay a night and become a member of our observatory and get a %5 discount on all of your ccd related equipment!

Woodland Hills is taking an exciting and bold new step for Astro imagers, by leasing an observatory in the Tehachapi mountains.

Our new edition to the Observatory is the AP160 refractor that makes your viewing as well as imaging experience heavenly.

Please read One of the visitors experience at the Tehachapi mountains observatory .



The observatory sits on top of a 6000 foot mountain with a 360° view of the sky, seeing on an average is very good around two arc second stars and a sky quality meter reading between 21.3 to 21.5. Not bad for a drive two hours from LA. 


The observatory is 10 x 12 with a rolloff roof will accommodate three people and the operator comfortably. The equipment used in the observatory is a Plainwave 17 and a TeleVue 101 IS for Widefield, the mount is AP 1200, Camera used is a SBIG 11000  mono & QSI 583 mono and a lumenera for planetary, and a new camera on the way featuring the 16803 chip. Not sure which camera you are going to choose? And while you are taking pictures we have C11 & C14 for viewing, it makes for a great night. the accommodations for those using the observatory is a 1800 square-foot house 30 feet from the observatory, the house is very nice inside.


There is a large deck for just enjoying the view.




If you would like to adventure away from the observatory there is a lot to do , like playing golf on the PGA course, tennis or basketball, swimming in Olympic pool , weight room etc.


These pictures were taken at the woodland hills Observatory, Processed with maxim DL Pro 5. Image  is a planetary Neb. Pl 164. It's very faint and large 14 Magnitude I was hoping to get a better image for the time I spent on it. But you get what you get! RGB 150 Minutes, Luminance 100 minutes, Ha 120 minutes, The next image is M33 Gal. a beautiful face on galaxy taken with a AP160 Refractor telescope, Camera STL 11,000 M. RGB 120 Minutes, Luminance 80 minutes, The next picture is a classic M51 Gal.

The wind was blowing so the image is soft, I use the Plainwave 17 and the QSI 583M Camera, RGB 3 hours, Luminance 140 Minutes, Image number nine the jellyfish NGC433 Is pretty cool, RGB 240 Minutes, Luminance 120 minutes.


Our new edition to the Observatory is the AP160 refractor that makes your
viewing as well as imaging experience heavenly.

Three nice places to eat, all reasonably priced and all within 5 miles of the observatory. Come on up and enjoy this unique spot - where else can you get all this in one place?

Call for reservation and more:  818-347-2270

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