These pictures were taken at the woodland hills Observatory, Processed with maxim DL Pro 5. Image  is a planetary Neb. Pl 164. It's very faint and large 14 Magnitude I was hoping to get a better image for the time I spent on it. But you get what you get! RGB 150 Minutes, Luminance 100 minutes, Ha 120 minutes, The next image is M33 Gal. a beautiful face on galaxy taken with a AP160 Refractor telescope, Camera STL 11,000 M. RGB 120 Minutes, Luminance 80 minutes, The next picture is a classic M51 Gal.

The wind was blowing so the image is soft, I use the Plainwave 17 and the QSI 583M Camera, RGB 3 hours, Luminance 140 Minutes, Image number nine the jellyfish NGC433 Is pretty cool, RGB 240 Minutes, Luminance 120 minutes.

CDK-QSI-PLM-164   Group1-M33  
Group1-LRGB-Processing-2-Crop   Group1-LRGB-Processing3-Crop