Pelican Nebula
The Pelican is my favorite of this bunch! Total of 3 1/3 Hours, 40min, lum. 40 min. red, 40min. green, 40min. blue, and 40 min. Ha. 10 min sub frames.
Swan Nebula
The Swan was a total of 2 3/4 hours LRGB with Ha. I have been experimenting with the new Apogee Camera, it processes a little different than the STL.I used 7 min. sub frames in LRGB and about one hour of Ha.
Cat Paw Nebula
This Picture taken with Plane Wave 17, Apogee camera 16803 chip, Mount Ap 1200! I have a total of 5 hours on this image, 50 min. of lum, 50 min. of red, 50 min. of green. 50 min of blue, and one hour of ha.
Eastern Veil Nebula
The image is a total of 3 1/2 hours of LRGB and Ha. Sub frames 10 min. LRGB and 20 min. Ha.
Lagoon Nebula
The Lagoon was taken won Farah and her husband visited the woodland hills observatory in July 2013. Time of total exposure were 2 3/4 hours, 42 min. lum, 21 min. red, 21 min. green, 21 min. blue, and one hour of Ha. The equipment Plane Wave 17, Apogee 16803 Camera , mount AP1200 , software maxim DL Pro.
Wizard Nebula
The Wizard has 4 2/3 hours of total exposure time, lum 80 min, red 40 min, green 40 min, blue 40 min. and 80 min, of Ha. All picture were taken at wood land hills Observatory, Come and be our guest [888 427 8766] our [310 779 9737].