JMI - EV-3 Telescope Focuser without Motor (Newtonian version)

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EV-3n  Event Horizon 2" Crayford Focuser - NewtonianTelescopesThe JMI Event Horizon EV-3n is a 2" black-anodized aluminum focuser with knurled knobs.  The focuser lifts up to 4 pounds
Manufactured by:
Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)

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EV-3n  Event Horizon 2" Crayford Focuser - NewtonianTelescopes

The JMI Event Horizon EV-3n is a 2" black-anodized aluminum focuser with knurled knobs.  The focuser lifts up to 4 pounds. The Manual control is over 1½ times finer than most rack-and-pinion focusers.

The Event Horizon Focuser (EV) is a low-profile, friction-drive focuser designed for both the amateur and professional market.  The highly acclaimed Crayford design permits tolerances up to 100 times better than conventional rack-and-pinion focusers.  Zero image shift and zero backlash makes it superb for visual and photographic work and a  must for CCD imaging.  The modular design makes changes and upgrades extremely easy to accomplish. ADD the optional Variable Speed Motor,  Smart Focus,or Digital Read Out (DRO) for the ultimate focusing system. The EV is truly a masterpiece of engineering and workmanship.

 This Newtonian version mounts onto a range of surfaces, from a tube that is 7.25" diameter or larger, to a flat surface.  1.25" Eyepiece Adapter included.


Name JMI - EV-3 Telescope Focuser without Motor (Newtonian version)
Manufacturer Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)
Model JMI-EV3N


Review and collect 40 points.
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Haven't had a chance to actually use it due to weather, but it does seem a lot better build quality than the stock focuser on my 16" Meade Lightbridge. Had to get a new focuser because the two thumb screws on the drawtube broke off inside the threaded part and could not tighten down the EP. I searched Meade website for a replacement drawtube but could find just the drawtube. I would have to buy the whole focuser. Easy to install and used the base from the stock focuser with no problem at all. The top reason I chose the JMI EV-3 (manual focuser) is they have replacement parts for the whole focuser. I can also upgrade to a dual speed focuser or a motorized focuser and not have to purchase a whole new focuser. I gave it 5 stars for value because of all the replacement parts you can buy individually along with the upgrades that are available. I gave it 4 stars on quality soley based on the visual quality difference between the Meade focuser and JMI focuser. (Posted on 3/27/2015)
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