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JMI - Digital Read Out for JMI Motofocus


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Availability: Available - Ships in 2-4 Days


Available - Ships in 2-4 Days

Manufactured by: Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)

JMI - Digital Read Out for JMI Motofocus


DRO Encoder Assembly for JMI MOTOFOCUS

Upgrades a MOTOFOCUS unit with a piggy-back DRO encoder assembly (see exceptions below). This is the portion attached to the MOTOFOCUS motor. A DRO Hand Unit or Smart Focus is also necessary for proper operation. Please Note: The piggy-backed DRO is not available for the Meade ETX Series and Celestron NexStar non-GPS Series telescopes because of the very small size of the MOTOFOCUS motor. MOTOFOCUS units manufactured after January 1, 2000 for Astro-Physics 2.7″ / 4″ focusers, Tele Vue Refractors with SDF focusers and Takahashi telescopes are upgradable to DRO with an additional labor charge. Most other MOTOFOCUS units cannot be upgraded after purchase. Smart Focus is only available for a few MOTOFOCUS units based on the amount of mechanical backlash in the focuser (call for details).

Product Series

What is a Digital Read Out? The electronic Digital Read Out system provides precise information on focuser position with an easy to read LED display. The four-digit display and focus control are integrated into one hand unit. With unprecedented focusing accuracy you can return to any previous focus position after swapping equipment or users. This is especially helpful when returning a CCD camera to focus after visual verification of the position of your telescope. The DRO system designed for NGF focusers shows movement in millimeters with accuracy to 0.01mm. When installed on a MOTOFOCUS motor, the display units will not be in millimeters but can be used just the same for positioning the focuser. The display units and accuracy will be based on the mechanics of each focuser. What is Smart Focus? Smart Focus is a combination of hardware and software for precise remote control of JMI′s motorized focusers through a personal computer′s serial port. The system can be controlled three ways: 1) manually using the control box, 2) with the included basic focuser control software or 3) through third-party auto-focus functions found in popular CCD imaging software such as Software Bisque′s CCDSoft and Cyanogen′s MaxIm DL/CCD. Auto-focus software automatically brings the system into focus using the CCD camera in conjunction with Smart Focus. (JMI′s focuser control software does not include an auto-focusing function.) The system includes a hand control box (AC or DC power) and PC compatible focus control software. The hand control includes a jack and cable for connecting to the focuser and a 9-pin serial RS-232 connector and cable for software control using a personal computer.

Additional Information

Name JMI - Digital Read Out for JMI Motofocus
Manufacturer Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)
Manufacturer Part No DROMF