TeleVue - SCT 90 degree Everbrite Diagonal*

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Same EveDPS-2004rbrite as above, but with a shorter male end to reduce overall scope length
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Product Description

We highly recommend this product as a replacement for the discontinued DPC-2002. The specifications between the two items are quite similar. 
90° Short Everbrite 2" Diagonal & SCT Adapters

SCT Adapters thread onto the standard Celestron C8 visual back to allow use of standard 2" eyepiece accessories — such as our Everbrite diagonal mirror.

Where SCT fork swing-through clearance is an issue, such as on the Meade LX90-SC, use the Short SCT Adapter and Short Everbrite 2" Diagonal to gain 0.7" of clearance. With the Celestron f/6.3 reducer, the short 2" diagonal system acts at f/5.5. With this setup, a 27mm Panoptic yields a 1.5° true field on a C8.

A simple way to use 1¼" eyepieces in this setup is to attach our Flat Top 2"-1¼" Adapter to your 1¼" eyepieces. Your 1¼" eyepiece now becomes a low-profile 2" eyepiece.

Televue SCT 90° Everbrite Diagonal DPS-2004 is shorter version diagonal that is designed to increase imageclearance in the shorter fork arms found on some of today's new SCT telescopes. Televue SCT 90° Everbrite Diagonal 2" diagonal can also be used in any other TeleVue SCT 2" diagonal application as well and uses the same construction as the other Everbrite diagonals. For non-SCT applications, the Televue 90° 2" Everbrite Diagonal DPC-2002 is preferred. Televue SCT 90° Everbrite Diagonal DPS-2004 should always be used with TeleVue Short SCT Adapter ACS-0004

Some basic features:

  • Dlectrical insulator, nonmetallic mirror coating for 99% reflectivity across the full spectrum.

  • The Short Front TeleVue Everbrite Diagonal - DPS-2004 was custom machined to fit all 2" focusers, visual backs, eyepieces and filters.

  • Polished to an accuracy up to 1/10 wave flatness on the mirror blank 

  • The Short Front TeleVue Everbrite Diagonal - DPS-2004 weighs 8 ounces, that is 1/2 of a pound!

  • This 90º mirror diagonal gives the same stunning results as other Everbrite diagonals from Televue, but has a shorter male end to reduce overall scope length.


The TeleVue is definately high on the list when rating optics and the quality of the results they provide. The TeleVue Everbrite Star Diagonal was originally a single block of aluminum, but now has been carved into a beautiful optic designed to meet your astronomical needs. Because a block of aluminum is all that was needed to make this remarkable optic, there is absolutely no sheet metal or tubes screwed in plastic, so the chances of breaking because of a movement mistake are almost slim to none.   It is compatible with almost all 1.25" and 2" focusers and/or visual backs because it is designed with a permanent alignment that cannot be changed. 

If what was described above is enough to make you as a stargazer highly impressed, you're in for an enormous surprise! The surprise is the pyrex mirrors that combine with the dielectric mirror to provide 99% of reflectiveity. Why is this so special however? Since pyrex is low expansion material, the chances of it warping opr becoming distorted due to external conditions are quite slim. Having said that, there must be a reason why they built the Hale telescope at Palomar with pyrex because it is simply superior! Even better, when pyrex mirrors combine with the power and functions of refractors, lunar and planetary objects become very cutting edge.


  • This 90-degree mirror diagonal gives the same stunning results as other Everbrite diagonals from Televue, so then why is it superior? It all comes down to something simple, length. The male end of this TeleVue product is shorter therefore reducing scope length and making it easier to swing through fork arms, especially with the  ACS-0004 Short SCT Adapter.

  • The "Flat-top 2/1.25" adapter is highly suggested if you intend to use the diagonal with 1.25 eyepieced. It is perfectly compatible.

  • This new "short front" diagonal can also be used in any other 2" diagonal application as well. It utilizes the same construction as our 2" Everbrite Diagonal, except for the shorter front. 

  • For increased locking stability in non-SCT applications, the standard 2" Everbrite diagonal (DPC-2002) is preferred. 

  • The Televue Short-Front 2" Everbrite Diagonal and the SCT Adapter (ACS-0004) combination may also be used with f/6.3 SCT focal reducers, permitting larger fields of view with 2" eyepieces. However, the additional physical length of the f/6.3 reducer means the combination will no longer pass through the fork arms of some of the new SCT's. 

  • With the extra path length of the 2" diagonal, the f/6.3 converter will actually produce an f/5.6 system. This combination works very well with the Televue 27mm Panoptic, yielding a 1.5" true field of view with a C-8. Note that longer focal length 2" eyepieces may vignette severely, also some eyepieces (such as the 2" Naglers) may not reach focus with this combination due to their shorter path length. 

  • When the 2" diagonal is used with 1.25" eyepieces, our 2" Converter Adapter (CEA-2125) should be used to assure that focus is reached.


Name TeleVue - SCT 90 degree Everbrite Diagonal*
Manufacturer TeleVue
Model DPS-2004
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am using with 12" SCT.

So good dealing with fainter DSO.

Not compare with cheap one. (Posted on 6/3/2016)
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