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ASA - DDM85 Standard - Direct Drive Mount


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Availability: This item typically has a delivery time of 8-12 weeks. Place your order today to reserve.


This item typically has a delivery time of 8-12 weeks. Place your order today to reserve.

Manufactured by: ASA - Astrosysteme Austria


The ASA Direct Drive Mount 85 (ASA DDM85XL) is a robotic high-end mount, which can be operated without conventional guiding controls due to its high accuracy. The high resolution, Renishaw Encoders are mounted directly on the axes of the Direct Drive Mount 85, so even wind gusts can be compensated for easily. These encoders are verified electronically and resolve to an unbelievable 0.01-0.02 seconds of arc. 
Positioning information is communicated by Autoslew software developed by Philipp Keller. The tracking accuracy is accomplished by comparing the actual position of the system 100 times per second in real time. This permits any required corrections to be applied immediately. The software eliminates all reproducible errors such as collimation, backlash, slippage, refraction, precision, etc. The theoretical resolution of the encoders is 0.02”. By using appropriate pointing files a tracking precision of 0.25” RMS for exposure times of up to 5 min. (0.40” RMS for 10-15 min. exposure time) can be achieved. Furthermore, GOTO positioning of 5 to 10 arc-seconds accuracy can be achieved by the use of pointing-files as well. There is no backlash and no periodic error. Most professional observatories are based on this technology. 

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ASA - DDM85 Premium - Direct Drive Mount

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Additional Information

Name ASA - DDM85 Standard - Direct Drive Mount
Manufacturer ASA - Astrosysteme Austria
Model DDM85X
Manufacturer Part No DDM85X
Bearings Preloaded taper roller bearings 130/85 mm
Counterweights High-grade steel 5 kg, 160 mm
Diameter Diameter of the axis: RA/Dec. 85 mm hollow axle
Motor Drive High torque motors in RA and Dec. (Direct Drive without gear)
Payload Capacity Approx. 220 pounds (100 kg)
Power Supply 12V/<10 A (0,4 - 0,8 A/Tracking)
Tracking Rates < 0.25” RMS in 5 minutes