Coronado - SolarMax II 90 Telescope with BF15 Blocking Filter with RichView Tuning

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Coronado SolarMax II 90mm Telescope With BF15 (15mm) Blocking Filter and Richview Tuning SystemThe Coronado SolarMax II is the premier scope for hydrogen-alpha  (Ha) solar observation

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Coronado SolarMax II 90mm Telescope With BF15 (15mm) Blocking Filter and Richview Tuning System


Many people love to gaze at the stars all night long with their family and friends using various high tech telescopes. It is the most wonderful feeling to see the moon and the stars so big, bright and clear. Sometimes you even get to see something totally unexpected and extraordinary. There is a wide range of telescopes for the people who love to gaze at the stars but what if you want to have a look at the Sun once in a while? Sun can be pretty interesting too you know! For all those curious people out there who would like to observe the Sun in hydrogen-alpha (Ha) light, the Meade Instruments Company Coronado has come up with a series of fantastic products called the SolarMax II series. One of the best products of this series is the Coronado SolarMax II 90 and it is one of a kind.


Now you must be thinking how is that possible right? Looking at the sun can be really dangerous and harmful for your eyes, which is a fact. But you should not worry about that because Meade Instruments has taken care of everything with this product and it has all the precautions necessary for the safety of the user. It comes with a user manual having all the necessary instructions required to set up your SolarMax II 90 telescope. For the protection of your eyes the SolarMax II 90 comes with blocking filters and step by step instructions are provided for the user on how to install them. Sometimes they are already installed in the telescope for the ease of the user. So, you can enjoy yourself all you want without worrying about anything.



Coronado SolarMax II 90, as well as the Solarmax II 60 comes with such amazing features that will make your jaw drop. One type of high resolution solar telescope is the Coronado SolarMax II 90 H-Alpha telescope that comes with a Cemax eyepiece set, clamshell mounting rings and sol ranger solar finder scope that helps the telescope to align with the Sun. It even has an unbreakable travel case so you can take it with you anywhere you want. Besides that, these telescopes have a five year warranty for customer satisfaction. These telescopes work so brilliantly that they are being used all around the world in various private solar observatories as well as for research purposes in some facilities.


Coronado Solarmax II 90 Solar Telescope

The RichView tuning system of SolarMax II 90 provides the most detail and contrast to the features you are trying to view. With the help of this RichView tuning system the Doppler effects can easily be removed providing a classic image of your target for your pleasure. It also removes any reflections and provides a bright image enhancing the experience for the user. The double stacking feature helps to enhance the contrast greatly by narrowing down the bandpass to <0.5Å. With this spectacular feature the user can experience an unbelievable 3D effect with every bit of increased surface detail. If you already do not have this feature then you can contact Meade Instruments for information on how to get it and how much it will cost you. You can also find out what additions you can make in order to further improve you product’s functionality.

Another feature of this amazing product is that it comes with blocking filters BF 15 and BF 30. The blocking filters BF 15 and BF 30 are mostly the same with just a little bit of difference in their mounting techniques. The proper use of these blocking filters is necessary for the safety of your eye. The instruction manual should be followed precisely in order to use these filters in the best and safest way. Also children should let their elders deal with it instead of getting too excited and trying this by themselves.

Coronado Solarmax II 90
Coronado SolarMax II 90 is a high resolution solar telescope with the coolest features that you can never find in any other product. It has one of a kind helical focuser that has a fine adjustment with the help of which you can easily achieve the focus you are looking for to view the details. Its aperture is 90mm, focal length is 80mm, f/ratio-f/8.8, bandwidth (single stacked) <0.7 Å, bandwidth (double stacked) <0.5 Å with thermal stability 0.005 Å/°C. After reading this all those telescope fans out there would definitely understand that how brilliant this product truly is. So, those of you who want to impress their fellows with something new and amazing that will make their eyes go wide are in for a real treat with this gem of a product. You can bet that none of your friends would expect you to amaze them with a glimpse of the sun through your Coronado SolarMax II 90.

Everything looks good when it is clean and all the parts of a machine work fine and longer when you keep a check on them. You should take care of your SolarMax II 90 by cleaning it once in a while. For this purpose the user manual also comes with a section dedicated to how to keep your product spic and span so that it has a longer life. Your SolarMax II 90 is a delicate instrument therefore the manual provides you with all the precautions you have to take while cleaning it and from what chemicals you have to save it form. The instruction manual also tells you how to replace parts if they are damaged somehow. If you keep in mind all these precautions then you can let your telescope keep tracking the Sun the whole day and it wouldn’t be harmed in any way.

So get your hands on a SolarMax II 90 high resolution solar telescope as soon as possible and move from the stars to the Sun. You can learn amazing facts about the Sun and not only amaze yourself but also your family and friends. And if you are a researcher then nothing can be better then this product to impress your boss and make your colleagues jealous of you!







Name Coronado - SolarMax II 90 Telescope with BF15 Blocking Filter with RichView Tuning
Manufacturer Coronado
Model COR-SMT90-15
UPC 709942996302
In The Box SolarMax II 90 Telescope BF15 Blocking Filter Mounting rings Sol Ranger finder scope Cemax eyepieces Travel case
Aperture 90mm
Bandwidth <.7Å
Focal Length 800mm
Focal Ratio f/8.8


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SolarMax II 90 Telescope
BF15 Blocking Filter
Mounting rings
Sol Ranger finder scope
Cemax eyepieces
Travel case


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