Coronado SolarMax II 60mm H-Alpha Telescope - VIDEO

Coronado's SolarMax II line is an advanced series of h-alpha telescopes designed for the serious  solar astronomer or hobbyists in search of high definition detailed views of the Sun.   Easy to use, these complete telescopes are compact and easy to travel with.  The 60mm SolarMax II comes in a variety of models with various blocking filters depending on your needs.  Shooting video or images? Go with the 30mm blocking filter which will let through the maximum amount of safe sunlight.   Do you wear your sunglasses at night? Go with the 5mm blocking filter which will let though the least amount of light, perfect for prolonged observing without tiring your eyes.

Checkout our latest video with Dr.D on these solar telescopes and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for new content weekly!

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